Thursday April 23, 2020

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 I hope this email finds you healthy and in good spirits.  

First and foremost, happy Earth Week!  🌍

We know that COVID-19 and social distancing measures have been challenging for communities and businesses of all sizes.  As we continue to navigate through these turbulent times, we have been inspired by the strength and spirit of our exhibitors, and have been compelled to continue to look for the silver linings.  Our team is working tirelessly to create new opportunities to continue to support our mission of creating a healthier planet and more sustainable communities.

Exhibitor Credit Requests

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their Exhibitor Credit Request.  We have been touched by your kind words and messages of support, and look forward to seeing all of you at our next event! 
If you have not responded to the Exhibitor Credit Request we ask that you do so by Monday May 4th.  If we have not heard from you by May 4th, we will automatically issue you a credit note for next year's show.
After our initial email about credit requests, many of you had questions about how the Metro Toronto Convention Centre has reacted to the COVID-19 cancellation, with concern that they may be refusing to refund us.  I want to dispel these rumours, and clarify that the Convention Centre has been wonderfully supportive throughout this time.  While they have committed to refunding our fees, the venue rental only accounts for about 15% of the total cost to operate a show our size.
Unfortunately but understandably, most of the other 85% of costs to run our show are non recoverable.  They are primarily related to labour, compensating the hundreds of men and women who work to build and staff the show in the months and weeks leading up to the event, the extensive advertising & PR campaign to promote awareness and attendance at the event, and other professional services.  
Just like everyone else in the events & hospitality industry, these suppliers have been severely impacted.  While they are doing everything they can to offer us relief, they are understandably not able to in many cases.  I would like to reiterate that the GLS and our suppliers are in no way profiting off of this crisis, and we have all sustained significant financial loss.  
We are actively in discussion with the Convention Centre and working to confirm our dates for the 2021 event, and will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

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Silver Linings

In March, our Social Media team reacted swiftly and decisively (thanks Shauna!) to find ways to continue to support exhibitors through the Green Living Show Online, something we have seen many of our industry peers mimic in the weeks following.  Many of you participated and had great success in our temporary promotion of the Green Living Show Online.  
Based on your feedback and consumer demand, our team is currently in the process of building a fully digitized Green Living Online Store.  The store is set to launch early May with a small initial group of exhibitors.  We will be leveraging the over 70,000 followers across our social media platforms and newsletter subscribers, to promote and market the store.  
To find out how we can add your company to the Green Living Online Store, please contact us immediately.  There is no upfront cost to advertise your products on our online store and we are all very excited to move a lot of product!  We have a limited number of exhibitors we can host on the store at any given time, so space is limited.  Please contact us right away if you would like more information about how you can get involved. 
Where there is a will, there is a way.  I hope you know that like many of you, this experience has been the most challenging obstacle I have faced as an entrepreneur.  I've had bad days and better days, and nothing about this experience has been easy.  I'd like to think that where many other entrepreneurs would have given up, my team and I, motivated by our mission to create a more sustainable future, have fought tooth and nail to keep our business afloat. 
The GLS is not backed by any large corporation, I have used my personal life savings to invest in this business and to keep it going now.  Although suffering astronomical losses this year, we are doing everything possible and we WILL persist forward.  Let's sustain and grow our businesses together and continue to support each other in these times that truly test our strength and character.

Thank you for your continued love and support. 

Kathleen Krimker
President & CEO 
Green Living Show

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