Get ready for an Autumn that makes you happy!

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Your autumn
Personal Retrospective 

Thurs, Oct. 26 @ 16:00 UTC (see other time zones), or
Sat., Oct. 28 @ 14:30 UTC (see other time zones)

What do you love - and want more of?

Join our new "Personal Strengths Retrospective" at 2 different times next week - we're hoping one fits your schedule!
You don't always get to do what you love... but when you do, you shine. Join Deborah Preuss and make a plan to get more of that!. We'll help you reflect, appreciate and then design some strategies to bring greater satisfaction in the coming months. RSVP

A Retrospective Cocktails is a live two-hour personal retrospective among friends. We keep it light, with times for private reflection and also some group discussion. We think it's important and valuable to take two hours out at the start of the year to set your direction. If this sounds good to you, then join us! Read more about Retrospective Cocktails...

Be sure to RSVP 

to get call details and reminders.

We love these calls. We’re not hosting a series of webinars - we're holding space for passionate people to meet, and interact, especially since we’re far apart.

See you next week!

Deb + Steve

(hmm, what is Lagniappe?)Do you know someone else who would love to join us? Then please forward this invite.

Until we meet again, be good to yourself!
Remember to breathe deeply, enjoy nice drinks, and do good things for you! Shifting culture begins with who you are... and be certain, folks will get curious when you are the most joyful person in the room!
Happy Culture Shifting!
   Steve and Deb
(say, what's up with that cupcake?)

Holding space for culture shifters, building skill, confidence and community. Together, online, one conversation at a time.
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