What kind of Summer will You Design?

Will you let summer just happen to you? Or will you design a summer that brings joy to you, your colleagues, or your family? We invite you to join us for our next personal retrospective sailing in a (metaphorical) boat. Which winds are blowing? Choose a direction you for your travels. How will you use the prevailing winds to sail there?

Join Steve Holyer with Deborah Preuss and other peers who share your wish to start off on the right foot. Read more using the links below...

Retrospective Cocktails

Join us once a month to look back, learn,
and prepare for a month that makes you happy.

(Please note that our next retrospective will take place one week later than usual. This month’s retrospective cocktail will take place on the first Saturday of June to accommodate Summer conference travel.)

Until we meet again, be good to yourself!

Remember to breathe deeply, enjoy nice drinks, and do good things for you! Shifting culture begins with who you are... and be certain, folks will get curious when you are the most joyful person in the room!
Happy Culture Shifting!
Deb & Steve
(say, what's up with that cupcake?)

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