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We really enjoyed your participation in our 6 Ways to Get People To Do What's Right workshop at XP2017. We hope you're enjoying your experiments with the Mutual Learning values and behaviours in your work!

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Or call us - as independent coaches, we have flexible schedules, and we love a quick chat. So just ping us when you need tips, feedback or resources to improve your work. Both of us are well-connected in Europe and North America, and we're happy to make connections for you, too.

Read on for some of the ways we're supporting the agile community. Let's not wait until the next conference - we hope to run into you at one of our events soon!

Your Success is our Mission

It's challenging work, and all of us encounter situations that require inspiration and courage to "walk the talk" of agile. On CoachingCocktails.com we hold space for these important conversations that make us better practitioners. 

Join our monthly Agile Cocktail calls.

Our next one is this Wednesday.
topic: Domain Driven Design for better dev-biz connumication.

Or take advantage or our quarterly

Personal Retrospectives

Our Summer Edition is coming up at the end of the month.
We'll let you know when our dates are set!

We love these calls. We’re not hosting a series of webinars - we're creating space for passionate people to meet, especially since we’re far apart.

We love to travel, too, and we'll come to you!
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We Coach to Make a Difference

When the time is right, ask for our help!


Steve coaches agile product owners and helps product developers optimise value. Steve's POByDesign™ invites agile product owners to re-design their work to fit your real-world product development challenges. Tell the POs you know about the POByDesign Adventure Lab. Ask them to ping Steve or sign up for a POByDesign workshop (there's one in July).

Find info at POByDesign.com.



Deb helps change leaders have more impact and joy at abiggergame.today, with challenging one-on-one phone coaching in three languages. When you're ready to change your outcomes, plan a turbo-boosted 12 weeks of personal development with Deb, a certified professional Co-Active coach, for less than the cost of a conference. 

To start, simply book a call online: choose a short chat or a one-hour free sample session to explore how coaching could be. Check out Deb's free resources to support your work, too.

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Until we meet again, be good to yourself!
Remember to breathe deeply, enjoy nice drinks, and do good things for you! Shifting culture begins with who you are... and be certain, folks will get curious when you are the most joyful person in the room!
Happy Culture Shifting!
   Deb and Steve
(say, what's up with that cupcake?)

Holding space for culture shifters, building skill, confidence and community. Together, online, one conversation at a time.
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