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We love these calls. We’re not hosting a series of webinars - we're holding space for passionate people to meet, and interact, especially since we’re far apart.

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Our July Agile Cocktail:

How important is it to  keep stable teams together?


We're excited to welcome, 

Heidi Helfand,
software developer, agile practitioner, ORSC and Co-Active Coach!


Our guest Heidi Helfand is aiming to debunk the idea that you must keep a stable team together for success!

Heidi has been travelling the world, and she's hearing stories from companies and organisations that are changing teams dynamically and strategically—so that they build a more sustainable company. And, so that they increase the fulfilment and stickiness of their team members.

Allow us to introduce Heidi. She was on the development team that invented GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. She was also Scrum Master turned Principal Agile Coach at AppFolio, Inc. Now she's Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies.

She's also writing the book Dynamic Reteaming.

What do you think? How important is it to  keep stable teams together?

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Coming Up

Deb will take a turn as guest in August to introduce / re-introduce Agile Intervision

And on Wednesday, September 13th, neurodiversity advocate Sal Freudenberg will be our guest.

Save the Date - Thursday July 27

POByDesign Cocktails Remote Meetup

For product ownership folk who want to challenge and learn from each other, the new monthly POByDesign Cocktails are a new monthly online meet up (like Agile Cocktails) but just for Product Ownership folk. Product Ownership folk include POs, Product Managers, Product Designers and others who make sure your teams build the right thing to meet the needs of the business and the customer.

POByDesign supports product people who are designing ways that work in their real-world organisation to maximise value for the product and the development team. POByDesign Cocktails are, wait for it, simply a mashup of POByDesign with Coaching Cocktails. 

We're bootstrapping this cocktail, and we will be publishing the details on this site—and letting you know by email—in the next days.

(hmm, what is Lagniappe?)Do you know someone else who would love to join us? Then please forward this invite.

Until we meet again, be good to yourself!
Remember to breathe deeply, enjoy nice drinks, and do good things for you! Shifting culture begins with who you are... and be certain, folks will get curious when you are the most joyful person in the room!
Happy Culture Shifting!
   Steve and Deb
(say, what's up with that cupcake?)

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