How does your relationship with your testers get your product out the door?

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"... an insightful conversation about getting your product out the door ..."
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Wednesday, Oct 11th
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Don't miss this one! It's gonna be great.

How do you get the product
out the door?

How do your relationships with your testers get your product shipped?


We're looking forward to welcoming another friend of ours...

Ash Coleman

Ash is asking us to re-examine our relationships and our teams' relationships with each other and the tester. With a deep understanding of the potential in a tester's role, and a passion for building diverse teams, she may change your perception of the tester's role. 

Ash's insights are also driven by her clear passion for Context Driven Testing. Join us over Agile "cocktails" to explore surprising (or subtle) ways that the very strong relationships testers maintain help you achieve your goals of delivering working software, and value, in every iteration.

And as always, we'll invite your themes and questions in a round of Lean Coffee™.

Ash is a former chef. She put recipes aside when she began her career in software development, falling back on the engineering skills she acquired as a kid building computers with her brother. A progressive type, Ash has focused her efforts within technology on bringing awareness to inclusion of women and people of color, especially in the Context Driven Testing and Agile communities.She is an Engineering Manager in Quality for Credit Karma, and she also continues her consulting practice based out of San Francisco. (I know she didn't put all her recipes aside, because she was studying her cheese cake recipe when we set up this event!)

Before the call, consider:

How do your teams and organisations relate to testers?

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Until we meet again, be good to yourself!
Remember to breathe deeply, enjoy nice drinks, and do good things for you! Shifting culture begins with who you are... and be certain, folks will get curious when you are the most joyful person in the room!
Happy Culture Shifting!
   Steve and Deb
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