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Recently I worked with a new client. It was refreshing to start at the beginning; this was a great reminder for me to re-visit the basics I practice and encourage others to integrate into their daily lives.

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Ready to go, roll over, or foggy-headed? If you're lying there in limbo, why not put those precious moments to good use before the day begins? My client mentioned waking up to go to the bathroom but then crawling back into bed only to toss and turn for 30 minutes, why not stay awake and allow yourself to gradually become more alert?


First, take some deep breaths and get some oxygen flowing into every open area of your body. You can practice this throughout the day, especially when you're feeling stressed. Yoga classes are a great way to learn how to breathe more mindfully.

Set your intention for the day, morning is a great time for this. Since my client thrives on a concrete plan, this is the perfect opportunity for him to state exactly what he wants to happen that day.

Ask an open ended question like, "what do I need to do today?" No need to answer, wait and see what kind of guidance you receive throughout the day to accomplish what you desire.

Once you're out of bed, drinking a glass of warm water or tea with lemon will help activate your digestion for the day.

Finally, while I'm drinking my tea I like to write in a journal, putting pen to paper is a satisfying act for me. I gave my client a mini composition book, since it's mini in size, he can carry it everywhere. Over the past couple of weeks he had been experiencing anxiety issues due to some major life changes, I encouraged him to record the moments he felt them coming on so he can identify the triggers. I look forward to hearing if this is a productive tool for him.

As we were wrapping up the day he commented on the simplicity of these basic acts, however he hadn't been practicing them as often as he should. It takes time and effort to build the muscle and incorporate something new into your thought process, daily habits, etc. so give yourself some grace. Here's a post I wrote several months ago about the topic.

How do you start your day? Are you able to accomplish what you intended, or do you get what you desire? If you have any tips hit reply, or send me an email here
I'd love to share them with my readers. I read and respond to every email.
Live Vibrantly,
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