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More images and more ideas to inspire you in this Women's History Month. Plus, wisdom from readers! 
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The above image and quote reminds me that our source of authenticity runs deep and goes beyond this life to a place where all women are connected. We are all connected. The idea of being shaken (unsettled by events) to awaken (called to action) suggests an inner wisdom waiting to be called upon and used personally and collectively. Let's engage that wisdom and do something! See below for ideas.

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if all the women of the world could stop, stand up, and insist on peaceful interaction.
More and more women everywhere are doing just that.

INDIA—On January 1, 2019, FIVE MILLION women formed a 620 kilometer wall (385 miles) across the length of the southern state of Kerala, standing in place for 15 minutes, to protest a ban on women "of menstruating age" from entering the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. One report states, "Even as women of all ages lined up on one side of the highway, many of their menfolk — husbands, friends and relatives — lined up on the other side to show their support." You can read more about it here and here or search for "women's wall India" but here's the thing. FIVE MILLION WOMEN gathered and stood shoulder to shoulder to stand united for something they believe in. WOW! Speechless. Inspired. WOW!

NOTE: I originally featured this story in the January 2019 issue of Inspired 101 News. Today, I still say WOW!

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From readers like you:

Brecia Kralovic-Logan in California has been reading Inspired 101 News for years and was inspired by a recent edition to share this book with you:  What Happens When Women Wake Up? by Patricia Zero. Brecia said, " I know Pat and the book is deeply inspiring." Learn more about Pat, her work, and her books at
Learn more about Brecia and her work at

Frank Bognar in Ventura, CA forwarded an Evite —"International Women's Day Artist Spotlight"— featuring 3 artists. Here they are with a link to their Evite page, and a quote from their interview:
Hannah Beisang "You are and will always be your own biggest cheerleader."
Ilana Griffo "Express yourself in a way that feels right to you, and forget what everyone else is doing. Chase fun."
Nikki Chu "What makes me feel empowered is creating something out of nothing."

Paula Shelton in North Carolina responded to the When Women Wake... edition of Inspired 101 News:
"...I show kindness, love and affection as it’s appropriate, to everyone I come in contact with...  For some people, just looking at them eye-to-eye and smiling is enough to make their day. Or “random acts of kindness” like opening a door for someone, or helping them to their car. And best of all, if I get to engage them in a conversation – I bring up how important it is to be kind and encouraging to one another, considering what we’ve all been through. We are all in this together as you said, let’s make the best of it. When we are willing, the universe will present us with opportunities. All we have to do Is consent to receiving them. When it comes from a place of love, the universe will back you up 100%."


  • Read my last post for ideas on celebrating and helping women and girls
  • Help the people of Ukraine and other countries affected by Putin's actions. Go here for ideas. 
  • Watch your language. News reports about Putin's invasion of Ukraine, often generalize by country ("Russia warns United States," "Ukranian cities pounded by more Russian attacks" — 2 examples from Reuters), as if all the people of Russia agree with Putin's invasion. Let's be clear: this is Putin's action. Although some may agree with him, there was no vote and I doubt that all Russian people are supportive. 
  • Sign an Avaaz Petition to "Put Putin on Trial." Here's the link to learn more and sign. Here's the petition:
          To World leadersAs citizens from across the world, we urgently call on you to hold Putin and his accomplices personally accountable for their illegal invasion of Ukraine by creating a new Special Tribunal for the punishment of the crime of aggression. We also call on you to fully support the International Criminal Court’s separate investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. There will never be peace without such accountability – we are counting on you.
These links were included in the email I received with the petition. Click and read to learn more.
Ukraine calls for Nuremberg-style tribunal to judge Vladimir Putin (Politico)
Statement calling for the creation of a Special Tribunal for the punishment of the crime of aggression against Ukraine
Why we need a new Nuremberg trial to make Putin pay (Daily Mail)
ICC prosecutor launches Ukraine war crimes investigation (AP)
A resource for positive action, advocacy, and healing. 
Send your comments, ideas, and suggestions.
I'd love to hear from you! - Debbie Jenae
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