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Gratitude is catching on. It's a thing! Studies have proven the benefits it provides and people are sharing more ways to add thankfulness to your schedule. Yay!

On that note, this edition of Inspired 101 News will be followed by 3 more, one each week, through November with a focus on being thankful. 


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Mahalo (mah-hah-low) is said to be one of the most sacred words in the Hawaiian language. The English translation is thank you, but it goes much deeper than that. It is a way of life that includes living in thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude for every element that enriches our lives. 

Visit Managing With Aloha for more on the 19 Values of Aloha
Mahalo Moment!

Every day, at the same time, stop and reflect on something that you are thankful for. It could be a person, a kind act, the fact that your car started this morning, the class you're taking, wonderful friends, your patience, perseverance, and creativity, your pet, someone else's pet, your boss, a coworker, the trees outside your window... It can be anything at all! Set the alarm on your phone. Bonus: It truly is good for you, all of you—mind, body, and spirit. It only takes a minute! (But more is better.) =)

Robert Emmons, a leading scientific expert on gratitude calls it "an affirmation of goodness." Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, believes you can experience that goodness from a future event today. How? By being grateful before the event happens. In other words, imagine something you want to have. It can be a relationship, an achievement, a thing, but choose something you really want. It may be something you don't think you can have. Now imagine—and really get into this thought—that, suddenly, it's here. It's yours! How would you feel? Happy, appreciative, proud, fulfilled, delighted, dancin' on the rooftop? Why not feel those feelings—that affirmation of goodness—now? You have the power. Mind-bending? Maybe, but how cool to know that you can change the way you think and feel right now and all by yourself. Try it!

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gratitude Challenge
More from Robert Emmons at Greater Good
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