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Well, my year started out slow and reflective. A head cold will do that to you. Makes you stop and rest your body and your mind. Bonus! It offers an opportunity (which I think is the actual intention) to clear out old patterns, thoughts, or behavior that don't need to be brought forward. It makes you stop so you can start fresh! So it's not a bad thing, just a healing thing. That's my take on it and I thought I'd share that with you.  

In keeping with the theme of this newsletter and all my work, I'm including some random bits and new year reminders. What is that theme, you ask? To increase awareness of ever-present goodness, encourage optimism, and inspire action for a more loving world.
In love and light,
Best Year Ever!

It's true. THIS could be your BEST YEAR EVER! Why not? It's your life and you get to choose either path #1, which is more of the same challenges that you've been experiencing; or path #2, which is wonderful beyond your wildest imaginings! Why not? You've done the work. You've put out the good vibes. You're a generous soul and you obviously have so much more to share. So choose to be finished with the old way and skip on down that path to your best year ever! Even if you're not ready, go for path #2. =) Your future self is waiting. Whoo-hoo!

Say YES!

Often we decide, on day one of the new year, to lose or give up something rather than focus on the intended result, the reward. For example, losing weight. What if losing weight was more about losing wait? What?! =) Like what are we waiting for? Losing weight requires movement on all levels. We switch up our thinking, our food choices, and activities with, perhaps, several goals in mind. We want to feel better about how we look, how we feel in our clothes, how we feel in our body. We want to be less body conscious and more body confident. We may want to be involved in more social or professional events, but it's the wait that's holding us back—the what ifs, the I'm-not-ready, not good enough. The wait that slows us down to a stop where we make choices that aren't so good for our health, our bodies, our overall well being. Stop waiting and weighing yourself down. Get moving, literally! Because movement requires you to direct your energy. The more movement, the more energy. It's a cosmic law! =) Start taking steps in the direction you want to go. Say YES! to what you want in your life. It's been calling you. 

Who's calling?

The new year tends to ring in a time of self-assessment. What am I doing? Where am I going? Am I on the best path for me? If your road is smooth and fulfilling, then carry on! If you want to make a change, here's a thought: Do what calls to you. Honor those nagging thoughts that keep trying to get your attention; that longing to do something more. The rest are like highway signs providing  alternatives, distractions, even detours—none of which you have to take. But do what calls to you, what keeps coming back, what feels good, what feels authentic. Do what calls to you because that is your gift, a vehicle for your purpose, and may be your call to the world.

“Today well lived makes every yesterday
a memory of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

- From a poem often attributed to Kālidāsa, 4th–5th century CE poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language of India. However, the original has not been found and there are slightly different versions around. Here is one version of the entire poem on

"We believe in everyone's power to do good"

That's the tag line at, a search engine that uses their profits to plant trees. On their homepage, in the upper right, is a tree with a number representing trees planted with your searches through their search engine. They say it takes about 45 searches to be able to plant a tree. It's free! To get involved, simply use their search engine like you would any other. Check out their FAQ for more.
A resource for positive action, advocacy, and healing. 
Send your comments, ideas, and suggestions.
I'd love to hear from you! - Debbie Jenae
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