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Judge Judy, Joe Marquez, An Overhead Projector, and A SmartBoard...

Hey <<First Name>> . . . What do these 4 things have in common?

They're all part of today's newsletter... 😆 😂 

In my early years as an educator, I taught 8th-grade math. In my first year in that role, I had 3 preps teaching 5 periods of varying levels of 8th-grade math. I had transparency sheets all over my room and overhead marker ink all over my shirt sleeves.

Teaching from an overhead projector was how my teachers did it. When I was a student-teacher, it was how my cooperating teacher did it. And so, it was how I did it.

Until I realized I had a problem. My resources were a mess. My shirt sleeves were a mess. My planning process--preparing example problems on blank transparency pages--was a mess. I needed to solve the problems.

That summer, my Mom invited me to join her at a professional development workshop about SmartBoards. I went for the free lunches, but I left with a solution! A SmartBoard! It’s not necessarily an impressive tool anymore, but it was an effective one: when my principal agreed to purchase one for my classroom, the Smartboard became a tool that solved my problems!

That experience helped shape three of my major beliefs:
☝️Never pass up on free professional development.
✌️Never pass up on a free lunch.
👌Educational technology is at its best when it’s not the goal of our lesson or activity, but a tool used to solve a problem or meet a goal.

Today I’ve got a podcast episode to share with you that exemplifies that mindset. I hope that you enjoy it!
#EduDuctTape – Joe Marquez – Strategies for UDL-Friendly Learning Experiences
Tune in to hear about Joe Marquez's 3 filters for effective instruction:
🔎 inspect 👉 redirect 💯 make correct

And his 3 steps to deeper student learning:
🎒 collect 🤔 reflect 💡 recollect

Joe shares about UDL-Friendly Learning with Audio Responses in Nearpod, great lessons with texts using Edji, PearDeck Takeaways, and more! 

Listen here!
Have a great weekend!!

P.S. If you enjoyed the Wilt Chamberlain + granny shots story from last week's newsletter, you can hear me elaborate on it in this podcast episode!

P.P.S. Are you still wondering why Judge Judy was in the title of this message? You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out! I promise that it'll make you laugh!
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