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How can you be a "Better Way" Educator?

Hi there <<First Name>>! Let's expand your remote learning playbook!

51.1. That’s the percentage of free throw attempts that Wilt Chamberlain made during his career. One of the greatest scorers of all time--he scored 100 in a game once!--and he was barely better than a coin toss from the line.

He’s the 3rd worst in the NBA’s history. And if you take out the 1961-1962 season, his average dips to below 50%. What’s so special about that season? Well, it was the season where he scored 100 points in a game and averaged more than 50 points per game. But it was also his best free throw shooting season. Better than 60% made! What was different that year? He shot free throws underhand. “Granny style.” In that 100-point game he made 87.5% of his free throws. Underhand. Granny style. 28 in a game! The most free throws that have ever been made in a single game.

And after that? He went back to the standard way. He went back to what was comfortable. And he went back to being the worst free throw shooter of his generation. He knew a better way, yet he reverted to the “standard way.”

Why do I bring this up? Because I think that a lot of you, of us, of educators, have learned some great ways to leverage technology during this crazy school year. And I’m wondering, what will happen when we go back to normal? Some things--I’m looking at you, Zoom and Google Meet--will go away, but what about the great new tech tools that we’ve been leveraging? Will we continue to embrace the better ways? Or will we go back to the “standard way”?

I know you’re reading this email because you’re a “better way” educator. Here’s a little tip to support you as you strive for that better way...

In the last eleven months you have grown professionally, mentally, and creatively. The need for more is as strong for me as it may be for you. More time, rest, innovation, and yes, even more screen space. Who doesn't want it all? Well, I can't help with all of them but I can help you gain more screen space while presenting slides. Check out this tip...
Need More Screen Space? Present Slides in Partial Screen!
Presenting Google Slides with a partial screen is a top tip in a remote, hybrid, or concurrent teaching environment. Being able to present two screens at once is an EduWin. Learn more in this blog post which includes step-by-step instructions and a link to a pausable version of this EduGIF!
Take care!

P.S. Check out this bonus episode of my podcast, which features a chat with Meredith Akers, Elizabeth King, and Darryl Legaspi on a handful of edtech tips, how to work on the Google Slides Master Slide, my favorite Pear Deck activity, and a little improv which is tons of fun and plenty of laughs. 
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