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"When you Know Better,
You do Better" 

Greetings <<First Name>>  Do you think Maya Angelou ever used a SmartBoard?

So, last week I told you about when I started using a SmartBoard. It was a pretty transformative addition to my practice as an educator. It kicked my teaching and lesson planning into high gear. As my school district considered purchasing more SmartBoards, administrators and principals from other buildings in the district started visiting my classroom to see a SmartBoard in action. When it comes to SmartBoards, I was the bees' knees. 🐝🦵🤣

A few years later, when I took on a new position as a STEM Teacher, my principal said “Of course, the first thing that you’ll want for your new classroom is a SmartBoard, right?”

I knew my answer, but I hesitated before I said it. I was struggling to vocalize what I knew to be the correct response. I was worried about what he would think.

Finally, I got it out: “No.”

You see, I had realized that when I used that SmartBoard, I USED THAT SMARTBOARD. Not my students. Me. And now, a few years later, I had grown as an educator and I decided that wasn't the best practice.

But, I was initially scared to say "No" to a new SmartBoard because I thought it would look like I was implying my past as a SmartBoard Superstar was WRONG.

But it wasn't wrong. It was the best I knew, then. And, at this point, I knew better.

And so it was time to do better. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

I think this is a powerful mindset for edtech integration. When we identify things that can make our students' learning experience more effective and our work more efficient, we should take steps to do better. But there's no reason to be embarrassed to admit that you're changing: after all, you were doing the best you knew.

But now, you know better.

That is exactly what EquatIO did in their recent release. Educators were asking for ways to increase student engagement in tools like Jamboard and So, they knew better. Check out the EduGIF below to see how EquatIO managed to do better.
The EquatIO® Web Toolbar
During this time of remote learning, technology tools are increasing their innovation to provide as much functionality as possible. Students are able to learn at the highest levels achievable by the options offered.

You asked for it and EquatIO answered the overwhelming requests for integration with tools like Jamboard, Classkick, and more. Learn more about how this web toolbar is taking student learning up a few notches. (Sponsored post)

Get some rest and recharge. Spring Break is just around the corner!

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