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SVMC - 2016 Kick Off

Welcome from your Committee!

Dear <<First Name>>,

Our 1st Meeting of the Year is almost here - 8pm Wednesday 27 January at the usual place.

Enrollment Night, bring your wallet as you will need to be financial by end of the February meeting.

Presentation of all Club Loan-able Assets

Viewing un-shown VOTY Entries

Tabling constitutional updates, to be voted on, at the February meeting.

Coming this year
  • New EE magazine
  • Focus Nights for Caring & Sharing
  • Club night Learning & Comps
  • Updates to Comp Rules & Constitution
  • Great invited Speakers

The President's Lens

Rob Nercessian - President

I’m back!

Thank you fellow club members for your unanimous vote at the AGM to have me serve Sydney Video makers again as president.

Your overwhelming support made it hard for me to refuse the post.. Even though I am already committed to other community and Drama groups.

Sydney Video Makers Club is in its 25th year and we are told that we are still one of the most active video club  in the world! This rating has been maintained since the advent of the teams creation, and also because of the  filmic battles that takes place between our members  four times a year.

This initiative of getting members to create films from concept to final production has meant that our club has survived many threats of closure that unfortunately caused the closure of similar clubs in our big city.

Why are we still such an active Video Club?
  1. We meet 20 times a year!
  2. Our core members regularly provide tips and  tricks
  3. We invite Industry speakers to inspire us 
  4. We accept all levels of aspiring film makers
  5. We only show short films, the audient doesn't get bored
  6. We run 5 competitions a year internally to test your skills  
  7. If someone has a script  to be filmed our crews can produce and film it
  8. Members can borrow lights, cordless Mics, Jibs etc. for free (for team filming only);  some  of our gear will be displayed on enrolment night on the 27th Jan 2016
  9. We have five competitions per year that are Judged and certificates awarded
  10. We screen short films made by external film makers to keep up with latest techniques
  11. On our End of year gala night , awards and trophies  are presented for the best films in five selected categories or genres
  12. All members can join a small team within the club to help  in the production  of short films, this includes all aspects of production including directing, editing etc.  
Disturbing 2015 trends
As you know Community Clubs come and go, and it’s getting harder to keep club’s doors open these days with the advent of social media and changing social and community trends.

We had this ‘cyclic’ issue a few years ago, and as a new president then I took significant steps to remedy falling membership, and we were fortunate that  membership grew.
However the level of participation has waned a little of late and its my aim to provide the inspiration to re-energise  the club during this year.

In 2015 we also saw potential members attend club meetings and not join but participate externally  under a private “production company name”. I gather the purpose of this move is to gain screen credits in that name, (even in some instances winning SVM trophies .), I have received representation that this is contrary to the spirit of an Amateur Club.

This type of activity was frowned upon in the past as many members felt that they had no chance of winning against teams that resort to getting “professional” external help that is not available to them and limit their ability to grow.

I therefore intend to propose a formal motion to openly debate and resolve  these perceived inequities.

President’s vision: It is intended to keep all of the favourite activities that members have  previously enjoyed but  add newer segments that would appeal to  newer members, to ensure a wider appeal.

In order to accommodate such a new range of interest I propose dividing our Monthly programs into two broad areas as follows:
  1. All of the familiar SVM activities  to take place on Focus nights (2nd Wednesday of each month)
  2. This will free up our club night to bring in a new program for our Main Meeting night on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
 Type of activities for Focus Nights:
  1. Travel Video nights
  2. Member’s clips (5 minutes max), members shall be encouraged to make and screen their shorts throughout the year as this is a “Video Making club” by definition.
The focus night MC shall make time to show the “member clips”, continually flagged by members as an important function of a creative club
  1.  Lectures by our own members to cement  practical and fundamental principles of film making. Camera technique, lighting, sound, shall largely be lead by Paul or Scotty or any member who has a particular skill they’d like to share.
  2. MC’s on focus nights will rotate so that as many members as possible feel a “part of the network” and not just consumers. The president will monitor this.
  3. Priority will be given on focus nights to new members to ask questions, offer encouragement, develop their skills so that they enjoy more film making rather than be a passive listener. Focus nights will be more interactive.
  4. Focus nights must be structured to ensure new members who have little or NO experience get their problems resolved by our core members (Q&A)
  5. Hands on: Every new member who attends Focus Nights will be encouraged to make a One minute film on the night.. these one minute films will be screened the following focus night and positive critique offered. Previous experience has shown that first-time film makers will not have a go filming at home if we asked them for longer films, they prefer to take stills instead. We need to show and encourage new members to transition  from “photographers” into “videographers”.
  6. “Bring your camera” night and learn to use it, or teach us something (general Q&A)
 Type of activities for our main club nights
  1. I have requested that Eddie Hanham be our main MC for club nights for 2016.
  2. President will introduce new members to the club (on stage).
  3. We will avoid screening of “Training videos” on club nights (You tube etc.).. . Instead, the President will select and screen a “higher value” film made by competent outsiders.. the film maker will give a short talk on how they made it.
  4. The return of “guest speaker” segment, This will be more of a regular feature
  5. SVM Competition screening & awards
  6. Teams news and re assignments
Recently, the club nights and the focus nights started to resemble each other.. for example training videos were shown on both club and focus nights.. more experienced members attending Focus nights found the  lectures too simple, while some new members found the main Club night too complex,  we  now give them choices.

I would like you to attend our first meeting on Wednesday 27th of January so that we can present you with a couple of new motions for you to consider and vote on at our February meeting..

We have kept the club fee at the same as previous years ($70).. This pays for venue rental, insurance, food and refreshments etc.  All the hard work done by the committee is done free of charge on voluntary bases.

Win a prize!
If you become a financial SVM club member on or before the 27th of Jan. you will go into a draw and win one of two annual subscriptions to the “Australian Videocamera Magazine”.

This  subscription is donated to our club by the publisher of Australia’s only Video-centric magazine.. So thank you David Hague, a long-time friend and a well-known publisher.

Don’t forget.. Our January club night is also our official registration night.. so  Bring your money with you, We will also provide a credit card machine for your convenience but only on our January enrolment night, so please help us expedite the registration process by attending this important club event.  

Background on the Australian Video Magazine
By Rob Nercessian

Well known magazine publisher David Hague is a close friend and radio personality and I had him give us a talk here at SVM a while ago.

He co-hosted with Brian Wilshire on 2GB for 5 years, Radio Northern Beaches for 3 years also  on a well known FM station “Triple M”.

David has a background in media dating back to 1979, Published Video magazines (paper version), Journalism in motorsport, technology, he is well known in the film industry as he is always liaising with the big boys in Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic etc  as he publishes Australia’s only Video magazine, now it’s web version.

David Hague generously donated two subscriptions of his popular Mags to our club which I will draw on this club night.

The good thing about this magazine is the fact that it combines the latest camera gear news with articles that are pertinent to Australia. Such as this article (LINK) on the quirkiness of migrating to Windows 10 when you have limited internet service..

Enjoy the article

Rob Nercessian
Club president, 2016

The new EE

Paul Szilard - Vice President

We are trialing a new format for our e-mail communications, using a free web service called MailChimp. Catchy name, eh? This e-mail was created this way. We will use this for both the traditional EE type contents, and for announcements and reminders.

We are hoping that this format will allow
  • Linkable text
  • External images
  • Automatic Unsubscribe/Subscribe options
  • Clear visuals
  • And more!


We are looking for a new Competitions Manager as Paul Szilard is stepping down from this post. Candidates should have organisational skills and an understanding of basic computing and emails. Full training will be provided. Contact the Editor if interested.

Tech Spot: Zoom F8 Audio Field Recorder

Paul Szilard

Paul Szilard has recently bought himself a new audio recorder called a ZOOM F8. This is a major step up from the already excellent ZOOM H6 and lesser siblings.

At US$999 (AU$ 1,999 rrp) it is definitely not for everyone, but it does bring some exceptional technical and practical wizz-bang features for the user.

Here is an extract from Paul's write up on the Fuji forum's Video section:

I also have an H6, which I love, but is now is offered for sale (see below). I think the H6 is a great product and is in no way diminished by the F8, but the F8 is like stepping into real professional stratosphere. My very brief comparison:
  1. H6 Pros
    1. Approx 25% of the price of the F8
    2. Longer usage per battery of 4 versus 8 on F8
    3. Suitable for hand held audio recording, like in an interview - that's why it is "H" (handy aka hand holdable)
  2. F8 Pros
    1. Superior preamps with 75dB gain, comparable to $8,000 SoundDevices gear
    2. 8 XLR/TRS inputs
    3. 10 track recording
    4. Can record 4 tracks all at two user selectable gains, e.g. -12dB for safety
    5. Dual SD cards - records in parallel for safety or serial for capacity
    6. Configurable meta-information for naming clips, recording artist, etc.
    7. Dual stereo outputs, one to XLR, and other to 3.5mm, with individually selectable gain and limiter, plus headphone
    8. User selectable audio path routing, e.g. headphones can monitor either pre or post fader, ditto for outputs
    9. Superior colour LCD viewable in sunlight
    10. Can power off HIROSE connected lithium battery
    11. Stackable so camera can go on top
    12. Slate function: both on-board slate mic and tone. Can output 0dB tone for setting input level of downstream device, like camera input. Slate mic records to all tracks can be good for audio announcement, such as Clapper Board being called out
    13. Extreme precision TimeCode, both generator and input/output to sync other devices
    14. Bluetooth control from iPad/iPhone
    15. VERY many customisable features, including what is displayed on LCD
    16. There is more, but that's all I can think of after one afternoon of hands-on
If you want to learn more, Google is your friend, or simply grab Paul Szilard for a chat!

4 Sale or Wanted

<Members only> If you have an item to sell, or want to place "Wanted" advert, then contact email the Editor.

4 Sale

Contact: Paul Szilard 0414-269-404
: Zoom H6 audio digital recorder, with wired remote control
Price: $400 (bought in Australia with Oz warranty)
Options: Extra 2 XLR input capsule for $99 extra (never used, brand new)
Description: The H6 recorder offers a much improved audio recording capability than the well established H4n. It has cleaner pre-amps, better battery life, colour LCD screen, discreet analog TRIM knobs. Do your research on the web, product site HERE.
Downloads page.

Features extract
  • 20hrs recording with 4 AA rechargables
  • Low noise pre-amps for clean audio
  • Input limiters, filters, etc.
  • 48V or 24V phantom power over 4 XLR inputs
  • Firmware updated to latest level
  • Choice of 5 interchangable mic capsules plus 4 XLR inputs
  • Safety -12dB dual recording for tracks 1 & 2
  • Monitor any one track during multi track recording
  • Normalise tracks after recording
  • See complete list
Use it stand-alone

Use it with a video camera/DSLR

Use it with your computer for voice overs

Optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Capsule ($99)

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Szilard.

Place Your Ad?

If you are a Club Member, then send the following information to the Editor.

4Sale or Wanted (which?)
Contact: __
Item: Summary
Price: Asking price
Options: If any
Description: Any details, with photos and links

See you at the meeting - and email me your thoughts!

Paul Szilard
SVMC Vice President
Click to email Paul now
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