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Club Meeting Wed 24 August

7:45pm for 8pm start: Doherty Centrre, 7 Victor St., Chatswood

Lilyana Millutin, is an ardent believer in the Power of Stories to Influence Thinking. She is dedicated to changing the systems that impact our society by helping deliver meaningful stories to the world.

Almost thirty years of communications and media experience, and a broad educational background  including the AFTRS Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Management — provide Lilyana with a unique insight for strategically navigating the world of independent storytelling.

In her ‘past life’, Lilyana worked in various roles on film and TV productions with award-winning talents, such as Dion Beebe, Pip Karmel, Richard Jasek, to name a couple. She ghost-wrote a four-part TV documentary series on the power and nature of consciousness which was produced in the USA and has garnered a global following as well as a couple of awards.

Throught the President's Lens

Rob Nercessian - President

This Wednesday Lilyana will talk about using creative writing to improve scripts.
Lilyana has extensive communications and media experience, broad educational background including the AFTRS Post Graduate Diploma in Film & TV Management.. We invited Lilyana as we start preparing for our longer drama films for VOTY (10 minutes) so that you can tell a more elaborate story.

Focus night

I’d like to thank those of you who provided Scotty with travel videos, including Neville Waller, Jake, Jim, Joel, Lee, Douglass. All films were well made.

What to film for September:
You have 4 choices.
  1. Use your own theme and script (as we already satisfied the shared script concept in July).
    Or use one (or more) of the scripts if you don’t have one yourself.
  2. “Eat your Vegies”
  3. “Milk news reader”
  4. " Bathroom”
The scripts can be download from the club website Resources.
I have invited the author of “Milk news Reader”, Aiden Pezzutto, to be in the audience.
Team leaders Kent, Jake and Joel have already contacted me with their list of requirements for the September shoot.

About the ‘Bathroom script’:
This script was selected and donated to us by Kent Fry, It forms part of a series. The packer’s team are almost production ready with an interesting technical approach.

Joel is making the same script but has added a very interesting twist to the script.

Jake will pick up our club gear from club.

I have added a Zoom H6 to the club’s wish list.. (We have the Mics but not the recorder)
I am thinking of asking some of our generous ex members for a donation.
The cost is around $600

A suggested method for SVM filming is:

Week 1:  
  • Work on the script the day you receive it (Adapt script, shot list, determine actors needed, props, equipment requirements). Quick treatment.
  • Call a production meeting ASAP, discuss & modify with the team, involve everyone. Decide on a shoot date. (Actors prefer weekends)
  • If you are busy on the first week pass it on to others in your team to work on it.. The director can be anyone in the team (Rotate, if everyone agrees).
  • Inform the Teams manager with your list, report any issues confidentially if need be.
Week 2:
Shoot & edit. It’s only a 5 minute film.. you can do it !   
The designated director calls all the shots.
Ensure that you don’t argue while the Actors wait a decision in agony.. That’s why you have to go over the shot list slowly, and confer, respect and have fun
Delaying the start of the preparation magnifies potential problems as members/ actors may get sick or busy on the last week before closing day.

AGM + Guest Speaker

Next month is our Annual General Meeting but it will be accompanied by another public speaker.
In previous years hardly anyone attended the September club night thinking that it’s just a boring election night.
Nothing could be further from the truth.. as this year the committee has invited Australia’s own   “Attenborough” to entertain you.
The AGM itself is in the second half and Eddie Hanham always makes it interesting.
But the main attraction however is “David Ireland” who is a famous film maker, author and outdoor legend.
David does most of the filming himself and has been on many TV shows.


Rob Nercessian
Club President
SF3 Smart Phone Finals: this Friday - for more info see LINK
Friday, 26 August 2016 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (AEST) - Add to Calendar
Chauvel Cinema - 249 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021 - View Map
Some films will include adult themes and any children attending should be accompanied by an adult.

VP's Message

Paul Szilard - Vice President

Competition Handing In Night is this club night.
We are taking entries for two competitions:
  1. RED (1 min)
Results of the Romance competition
We had 5 strong entries. The results were one of the most close that I can remember, with only 0.6 points separating the 1st and 2nd entries and 12.3 points between the top and the bottom placements. So an excellent effort by all. Come along to find out who got what!

Looking back - Last month we had a most informative and interesting talk by Phil Burnham.

Phil Burnham, helicopter and drone pilot. Photo: Paul Szilard

Phil is a very experienced helictor pilot and licensed drone operator, who shoots regularly for cinema productions and for TV. Phil brought his tools along to see.

Photo: Paul Szilard

He showed some excellent footage, and explained types of shots, and took a lot of questions from the floor.

Photo: Paul Szilard

Phil was invited by Joel one of new members this year. Thanks Joel!

Paul Szilard

4 Sale or Wanted

If you have an item to sell, or want to place "Wanted" advert, then contact email the Editor.
Buy and Sell Protocol
Financial members may use this section of the EE to detail information about second hand photographic/video equipment which they wish to dispose of.
This allows other Members to be advised of the opportunity.
The Club is not involved in or have any responsibility for any such sales.
Commercial representation
Direct or indirect commercial representation of new products by members is not permitted in this EE or during Club Activities.
Articles of relevant general interest about new products are allowed in EE.
Guest speakers who represent Commercial products may be invited only by specific approval of the Club Management Committee.

4 Sale

Paul Szilard is selling a range of his Nikon lenses and accessories. Expressions of interest to Paul Szilard. Click EMAIL if interested.

For Nikon (all lenses are FX Full Frame) see pictures HERE:
  • Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR
  • Nikon 24-120mm f4 VR
  • Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR with TC-144E matched tele-converter
  • Nikon 85mm f1.4 AF-D
  • Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro (macro)
  • Hansa extension tubes, set of 3, mechanical linkage
  • Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART for Nikon mount
  • Nikon SB400 tilting flash
  • Nikon Ring Flash
  • Nikon SD-8 and SD-8A external flash battery packs

Place Your Ad?

If you are a (financial) Club Member, then send the following information to the Editor.
  • 4Sale or Wanted (which?)
  • Contact: Your name
  • Item: Summary
  • Price: Asking price
  • Options: If any
  • Description: Any details, with photos and links


Club assets that are available for loan to financial members

Loan Procedures

  • Club assets can be borrowed by club members that are financial, for club related shooting only.
  • To check availability please take a look at the Assets Calendar before applying for a loan
  • To book any items, please contact the Asset Manager and check availability. Note, until you receive confirmation, you should not assume that the equipment will be available for your dates, so to avoid disappointment, do not schedule your event.
  • The borrowing member is responsible for returning the items in the same condition they were in when borrowed. Damage or loss are the responsibility of the borrower.

Audio Kit 1

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Audio Kit 2

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Lighting Equipment

Items available separately
  1. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand
  2. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand (2nd unit)
  3. Dedo Halogen 150W focusable spot light, mains powered

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Camera Crane (aka JIB) with stand
  2. 7" LCD LED Field Monitor (HDMI)


See you at the meeting - and email me your thoughts!

Paul Szilard
SVMC Vice President
Comp & Asset Manager | EE Editor | Dog's Body

Click to email Paul now
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