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Today Wednesday 24 June meeting

Meeting room opens 7:30pm for 8pm start.


A videos titling can make your film stand out and capture your audiences attention from the very start.

Whether it's just a simple text treatment or a dynamic, animated, musically accompanied masterpiece it's easy to do something, but not so easy to do it well!

Join us and get some tips and tricks from two industry professionals, both are accomplished graphic designers and one a titling designer for a major TV network.

It promises to be packed with practical tips that you could be putting to use in your next production - if you miss it your next titling sequence will not be as good as it could be!

Electronic Eye

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Dear <<First Name>>, we are so glad that you are reading this :)
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The Electronic Eye, or EE for short, is the newsletter for the Sydney Video Makers (a.k.a. SVM) Club. You can peruse past edition of the newsletter on our website. We use this newsletter to advise of our upcoming club meetings and provide pertinent news items from our members. We do not wish to be a "me too" video magazine as there are plenty of those already on the web.
The EE is open to both financial members and non-members who are interested. If you wish, you can easily unsubscribe at anytime and if you got this forwarded to you, and want to subscribe you can do so via our club website. Also see our Facebook page.

What you can do?

Teams are obviously much smaller groups than the entire club, so meeting is less risky. Teams are to make up their own minds if they want to meet, or instead do so electronically over the internet or telephone. Remember you can have up to 40 minutes per meeting using the free zoom accounts.

Competitions are suspended, however any member or group (team) can send their content via Vimeo, YouTube, or a cloud storage platform such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc. for sharing and comments. Please send your submission to the

Magazine Articles are invited. Please send in any video related story for publishing. Some topics for you to write about:
  • Describe why you have chosen to buy some video gear and how do you use it and does it meet your requirement (describing what your requirements are, of course)
  • Share any great article or tutorial or news item, that you have come across on the internet
  • If you have any SCRIPT ideas, then share them
  • Describe some of your favourite software tools that you use in your video making workflow
  • Describe how you store and archive video projects
FaceBook is a great way to keep in touch, and if you don't post personal details, then it is safe enough. Join our Facebook page.

I would like to hear from our members on what, if any of the following, would be useful:
  1. FaceBook - a closed group for club members only and/or the current open Facebook page?
  2. An internet FORUM, where members can ask and respond to topics and discussions?
  3. Video conferencing, using Skype or Zoom 
  4. Phone conferencing - maybe at team level
  5. More frequent EE Magazine editions with articles
Please send me your response by email to the

4 Sale or Wanted

Contact us (LINK) to list any video related personal ads.

Submit any items you have for sale.
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