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Throught the President's Lens

Rob Nercessian - President

SVM Extravaganza!

MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY 8pm Doherty Centre, 7 Victor St, Chatswood.

There is a lot happening at SVM club this month. Just scroll down to see what we have for you!

** Film Director Margaret McHugh is our guest star this Wednesday and she generously agreed to show us her award winning short film “The Drover’s Boy” . We are very grateful for her generosity as her film has been well-received by the public. Not to be missed!

With many honours in film production, Margaret has developed her unique visual style which led to the prestigious professional mentorship with National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) in Canberra.

A Diploma in Documentary Film Making at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) saw her direct her acclaimed film “The Drover’s Boy”, which had its world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival 2015.

Margaret will do a Q&A for us after her presentation covering technical aspects such as using green screens for documentaries. With her 2015 win at the Sydney Film festival Margaret McHugh is going to make our May club night memorable.

You and Sydney Film Festival

Margaret McHugh is currently working on the “2016 Sydney Film Festival” which will go off on June the 8th with a big bang so we will talk to her about arranging a club meet-up at this year’s SFF, this will be a club activity to replace our outdoor-shoot event which a lot of you missed. Being a regular at SFF I am certain that watching these skilfully made productions will be beneficial to our SVM community.

Your favourite pass time is back: I have re-instigated our teams. We now have 7 separate film crews !
You are now officially in a film crew. Please attend this Wednesday SVM club night to find out which team you belong to. I have also pushed the due date back to July to give you more time to complete the next film. I have emailed you the script. (More about teams below).

Marriage proposal - SVM style! Two weeks ago, my daughter's boyfriend, Richard, proposed to my “totally unsuspecting” daughter. Richard had secretly hired the entire Bondi Icebergs swimming pool area just to pop the question. He also got a 30 piece choir.

Being such a vast area it would have been impossible to cover the multi-level structure with just one or two cameras without raising her suspicion. So in came a dozen of our club members to capture what is arguably the most incredible marriage proposal, complete with the “Soul Food” singers' brilliant voices.

Richard had other surprises which blew everyone away.

So in alphabetical order, our sincere thanks goes to Bill, Brian, Eddie, Jaimie, Kent, Leonard,  Paul & Julie  and Sheena.

You can see this massive multi-cam operation film this club night. Needless to say, when the harmonies started I was in tears!

Vivid Chatswood: Chatswood Council contacted us last month requesting our involvement in this year’s “Vivid Chatswood”.

We had a meeting with their event manager yesterday and was shown the locations of the spectacular light show at the concourse + council facilities that they will provided for our own presentation. It’s a bit like ‘Expo’ except we will be the only ones taking the initiative to promote film making.

This is our opportunity to increase membership. It will be along the same lines as our previous involvement with Willoughby’s Spring Festival back in 2009 and 2010 (see the September 2009 Newsletter on our website if you missed the fun).

I have advised the council that we will do just two nights (being unpaid work).

I selected the 2nd and the 9th of June being Thursday late night shopping, hence maximum audience.

I have also asked the council for specific publicity in North-Shore times as well as council web appearance to promote us.

Clare, Bill and others have already submitted Vivid footage from previous years which we will screen as part of “Low-light filming techniques”.

Please email me if you have good low-light footage to donate, or can help with the Vivid 2016 project.


I am happy to report that we have finally sufficient numbers to start filming with 7 teams again.

This is essential if we want to have enough films to run VOTY.

It is always best to keep the teams system well maintained rather than fluctuate then start all over again. This is why we are somewhat late in establishing the teams.

The Team Manager was absent from the structure which led to everyone doing whatever they wanted without understanding the ramifications to the entire system.

I will ask for the new team leaders cooperation to always confer with the Teams Manager so that personnel changes, numbers within the teams, and other issues are communicated often.

If you don't maintain the system it will fall apart.

With some minor readjustments and some perseverance from our members we are confident that we will start making films again and encourage creativity and rotation of members on various aspects of filming so that no one gets bored.

I have made available some experienced film makers to jump in on ad-hoc bases just to get any team some assistance (initially) to do a quick fix and get the production finished on time.

What’s next?

You now have a script. It’s short and easy.

You will be given your team assignment this Club night (Please attend the Dougherty Centre meeting on Wednesday)

As Teams manager I have given the Team leaders their brief.

Your Team leader will call a production meeting, to produce this 5 minute comedy.

You are allowed to modify / add to this script.. But not the “August” shared script

We have extended the “Romance” closing date till July 27, 2016.

We have also extended the closing date for the June 1 minute film “with the theme Red”.

Both films will be submitted on July 27th.

You will have two months to produce two films. Since the second one (Red) is only one minute long it will be easy.

The results for both competition films, though separate, will be screened in July, Results given in August.

Subsequently, The August dead line (Another Shared script) has now been pushed back to September (AGM meeting)

So everything is pushed back by a month.

All of the closing dates are available on our website. Please refer to it.

We will have up to 3 experienced people available to assist any team in completing club entries through the year.

Please call me for further information.

Special General Meeting announcement

I would like to see this very active club continue to serve long after I have gone, but at times all clubs get very close to closure.

Despite some the occasional reluctance from non-active individuals we have always managed to improve the club by adopting change.

It is possible for SVM to enjoy another 25 years, and to that end I instructed the committee to consider some more changes to our constitution in order to strengthen our viability.

These amendments will be given to our financial members for their kind consideration, then after 21 days vote on it.

Scotty & Eddie and myself will announce those on Wednesday.

Better Judging

Ian Howard raised the issue of quality of judges. The committee has noticed that some competition judges are not giving consistent results.. or are not suitable for the type of films we generally make.

We thank Ian for his concern. Paul our comp manager will select an example of this and get everyone’s views for a solution.

Please remember, if you are unhappy about something tell the president first.

Robert Nercessian
Club President

VP's Message

Paul Szilard - Vice President

I received this email from Tsu Shan who produced last year's Packers controversial short film "Tragic Enough", directed by Kent Fry.

Hey Everyone

I hope this email finds you well.

Just letting you know I found out yesterday that our film Tragic Enough, won 2 categories at the World Film Awards.  i.e. Golden World Award for Best Producer and World Awards of Merit for Best Ensemble of Cast.

The award ceremony is on Monday 30th May in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I know...very short-notice.

Whilst it's not like the Cannes or Berlinale film festivals, it's still a nice acknowledgement being picked out of over 100 films around the world.   So, I wanted to say thank you again for being a part of it and for your time.

I am still deciding whether to go (I'm talking with Screen NSW about obtaining some funding but nothing is guaranteed until the new financial year so you would be out of pocket).  However, I'd like to extend the invitation if anyone would like to go.

In addition to the awards night, there will be also opportunities to attend a networking lunch, masterclass, press interviews and screenings on the Monday 30th.

Either way, I'm going to publicise the win as much as possible as it's good PR and may help in gaining support for other film projects that I now have on my slate.   Anyone fancy some paid work on a new feature film and TV series?  Want to support you guys first who helped with my first ever project as a producer.  :)

Anyway, hope you all are well and be in touch,

Tsu Shan

Left to right: Jonathan Stone (actor), MakeUp Artist, Tsu Shan (actor + producer)

Film team

Paul Szilard

4 Sale or Wanted

If you have an item to sell, or want to place "Wanted" advert, then contact email the Editor.

4 Sale


Place Your Ad?

If you are a (financial) Club Member, then send the following information to the Editor.
  • 4Sale or Wanted (which?)
  • Contact: Your name
  • Item: Summary
  • Price: Asking price
  • Options: If any
  • Description: Any details, with photos and links


Club assets that are available for loan to financial members


Audio Kit 1

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Audio Kit 2

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Lighting Equipment

Items available separately
  1. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand
  2. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand (2nd unit)
  3. Dedo Halogen 150W focusable spot light, mains powered

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Camera Crane (aka JIB) with stand
  2. NEW 7" Field Monitor (HDMI)

Loan Procedures

  • Club assets can be borrowed by club members that are financial, for club related shooting.
  • To book any items, please contact the Asset Manager and check availability.
  • The borrowing member is responsible for returning the items in the same condition they were in when borrowed. Damage or loss are the responsibility of the borrower.

See you at the meeting - and email me your thoughts!

Paul Szilard
SVMC Vice President
Comp & Asset Manager | EE Editor | Dog's Body

Click to email Paul now
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