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Throught the President's Lens

Rob Nercessian - President
  • This week we have 4 guest speakers this week (a record for SVM)
  • We have added a new LCD Monitor to our club Equipment !
We have Four External speakers
Doug Suiter will be talking about the use CoreMelt add ins for Adobe Premier and Apple's Final Cut Pro X, to enhance video productions.  He will be demonstrating LIVE how to use some of these as he works on his computer, which will be projected to the screen!

I also have three other guests in the second half that even my committee members don’t even know about!  But as you know I like giving our audience surprises!

We have Sheena and Adam who are professional film makers. Sheena will talk about the use of Videos in business. Then Adam will talk about his work as a pro video maker.

Due to a jam-packet program this month I won’t have time to show my regular “funny” films, instead I asked our guest Adam to show us something from his latest production.

Last but certainly not least - Bernard Lau whom I met when I first instigated SVM’s first-ever Chatswood 2009 film festival.  Bernard will show us some images of “Vivid Chatswood” and talk about how we can be a part of this event again in May and June this year.

A new Video Monitor: I just purchased a 7 inch Video monitor for the club which you can borrow to make club films with..

This is our latest acquisition I got it because it’s so much easier to focus and compose with a big, bright screen.. This Screen is High definition, light and easy to use, you will love it.  I’ll bring it along this Wednesday night for you to play with.


President’s film:
I hope you enjoyed the March film for it was carefully chosen to emphasise the level of imagination one needs to come up with, in order to make their film memorable.. If you missed it I’ll try and select an equally good one in May.. I hope my March film managed to demonstrate:
a)   The amount of extra sound effects (Foley) that goes unnoticed by the viewer yet adds to the realism
b)   The extent that the set designer put into the scene with everything in the field of vision carefully throughout to pull the audience into the story. 
One minute films: Thank you for all those who made the one minute films for the  April Focus..
But I was disappointed that Neville Waller’s film could not play on Paul’s Mac air for whatever reason. Paul has sorted it and we will show it on the 27th.

But as always, we appreciate the trouble our members go to actively participate in our programs.. So I hope Neville forgives us..
Incompatibility issues do occur as some of you also experienced at home.

Outdoor filming event

As you know, seven people indicated that they would like to participate in an outdoor film shoot. In response we set aside April the 10th for the shoot with Clare and Kembo nominated to organise the shoot.It was announced on March club night and again in our March EE Magazine.

Unfortunately Clare was unable to make it and Kembo was interstate on business. As no one contacted me the event did not proceed.

Alternative arrangement:
Our 4th guest speaker this week, Bernard and I will announce a replacement night-time event that will involve Vivid Chatswood. so please turn up this club night to hear that announcement.


Adobe discount?

Club member, Mark Ward has put forward a suggestion to the committee to try and ask Adobe for a discount on their products based on the fact that we are a non-profit club.
As you know Adobe is well-regarded software with monthly subscriptions. If you are interested in taking part in subscribing to the Adobe products you need to make a commitment this club night and register your name with Mark so that we can have an idea about numbers and consider an outcome based on your opinion.
The committee will not be getting involved in any purchase.. this would be a personal mater for each individual ..
Mark sent us the following products that would be involved in this potential deal.
  1. After EffectsVisual effects and motion graphics**
  2. AuditionAudio recording, mixing and restoration**
  3. BridgeCentralise your creative assets
  4. EncoreAuthoring**
  5. Media EncoderOutput video files for virtually any screen**
  6. PhotoshopImage editing and compositing**
  7. PreludeMetadata ingest, logging and rough cuts
  8. Prelude Live Logger - Work faster with smarter video logging
  9. PremiereVideo production and editing**
  10. Speed GradeFilm finishing and colour grading
  11. Story Plus
Looking forward to seeing you all at Chatswood on April 27th.
Robert Nercessian
Club President

VP's Message

Paul Szilard - Vice President

Looking Back...


Scottie and Kent Fry led Audio Part II for the April Focus night. There was plenty of hands-on time comparing different miking techniques.


March meeting had invited speaker John Maizels. John was a very popular presenter, with a number of feedbacks such as “Best presentation at the SVM that I can remember” and “Brilliant, made a dull & difficult subject entertaining and understandable”. John dealt with colour gamut, HDR and related subjects.

John also enjoyed visiting the club and told me that he would be happy to come back later in the year, or next year, to talk about something else and/or hold a longer Q&A.

John Maizels
photo: paul szilard

April Meeting Guest

CoreMelt (invited by Paul Szilard) is scheduled to talk about their world class editor plugins as used by the BBC, Disney, Sony Pictures and many others. CoreMelt director is overseas and has nominated Doug Suiter to do the presentation. I met with Doug Tuesday 5/4/16 and had a good discussion about what he is going to present. It promises to be a brilliant night and Doug is going to bring his iMac to show some live usage and editing techniques using the multi award winning CoreMelt utilities.

Doug is a professional editor and also runs his company called FCPTalent.

Paul Szilard

Members Spot

Where are Selfies Going -  well they are flying high!!

By Eddie Hanham

How things have changed since I joined the club and cameras are continuing to change more rapidly - for example take lets look at “Selfies”. This method of photography came about because Smart Phones have two cameras. Well, people started by extending their arm, now you can buy a telescoping  extender called a Selfie Stick.
The art of taking the best selfies has been made better and apparently more important now that the selfies stick has made it to the Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014. The basic function of the selfies stick is that it makes it easier for users to be able to take really good and accurate selfies pictures. 
Well how much further do you want to go?

You could take a Selfie whilst flying high 

But look at the different ways I've found of videoing on HIGH


1. You could use the LILY

How about using a Lily - watch video here

Shaped like a giant M&M with propellers, you can pull the Lily Camera from a backpack -- it measure 8cm and roughly 26 cm and weighs just 1.3 kg-- and toss it in the air and its motors will kick in automatically as the drone takes flight. The body is completely sealed, too, so along with flying it in the rain or snow, you can actually toss it into water.

2. You could use the ROAMe

Flying Selfies see here

ROAM-e will follow you in the air for up to 20 minutes. Battery fast charges in just two hours.

3. You could use the SOLOSHOT

The SOLOSHOT (see here)  includes a “base and tag” allowing users to mount their camera and automatically pan, tilt, zoom, track and send record shot commands from their wearable waterproof arm “tag” for up to eight hours.


4. You could use the smallest MiniDV Camera HD 1080P

SQ8 Mini DV Camera is a really small and good dashcam. It weights just 25g and can record 1080p @ 30fps videos, and is as small as a coin and less than $A30,
See video SQ8 Mini DV Camera 1080P Full HD MotorWay M50 Dublin Ireland Test
(NOTE: Always do your own research before buying. SVM accepts no responsibility for matters arising from your purchases. Editor.)

Please email your submission to the Editor.
Send us:
  • Any original video related article (< 500 words)
  • Link to your latest video clip to share
  • Short News item link or heading
  • Link to recommended video related website or article or tutorial
  • Suggestions/requests
  • Constructive criticisms
  • Offers to help in any capacity
  • Requests for needing crew for a video project
  • Etc.

Tech Spot

Kent Fry

I am a long time MFT (Micro Four Thirds format, Ed.) user and have had a succession of Panasonic GH cameras. I presently have three GH4s and one GH3, not to mention a GM1 and a GM5. The GH2s, both hacked, have been sold. I even have a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, but seldom use it because of the lack of 4K.

To compliment the system, I have at least 30 lenses.  These include fast Lumix, Olympus and Sigma automatic lenses. In addition, I have a set of Veydra mini- prime manual lenses and a set of Voightlander super-fast prime manual lenses. There are also a few non-MFT lenses with Metabones adapters.

I used to own an AF100 but sold it when the GH4 left it for dead in terms of size and quality, particularly when V-Log was added.

I prefer a video-style camera and have been waiting patiently for an AF100 replacement.

Lo and behold, JVC made the LS300.

As a film maker, I believe a video type camera is preferable to a DSLR type camera because it needs fewer add-ons. The choice for the MFT brigade is very limited.

The pictures are outstanding and the audio is good quality with professional XLR inputs.  It has built-in ND filters, which, for film makers is a real bonus. The J-Log preset allows for a wider dynamic range than the standard Rec709 preset.  The sensor is Super 35 which is about 35% bigger than the MFT sensor and roughly the same size as an APS-C sensor. The ability to use more of the sensor than the basic MFT without loss of quality is really useful since many MFT-mount lenses actually have a larger image circle. I find that I am using the JVC now more than the GH4s.

It seems Panasonic is gradually backing out of the MFT market.  They have not made any new fast lenses for some time, seeming to leave that to Olympus.  The rumoured GH4 replacement is not until 2017, and then rumours about totally unnecessary 6K or 8K rather than wider dynamic range and lower light capability seem to abound.  So the JVC fills my needs and is likely to do so for some years. 
I have also found that the body is familiar to me, being a long time Panasonic user.

I film in 4K and deliver in HD.  The main reasons are:

HD because clients do not demand 4K because they can’t show it; 4K on an HD timeline allows for reframing of the picture without loss of detail.

I am in awe of the LS300 picture quality in 4K. The larger file sizes when compared to the GH4 (150Mb/s versus 100Mb/s) seem to allow a little more latitude for colour correction in DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Speedgrade.

No camera is perfect, and I have some niggles about the JVC.  The most important are:
  • The viewfinder is not a touch screen with menus accessed by a small joystick.
  • There is no ability to input timecode – this is a major oversight for me. I am presently experimenting with LTC into audio channel 2, but this is not a very satisfactory solution.
  • Several of the camera’s functions are neutered when filming in 4K with J- Log.
  • There is no separate battery charger – the battery is charged in-camera.
Despite these issues the camera is very usable and I recommend it to anyone wanting a camera with MFT mount and Super 35mm sensor, high quality 4K images, and good audio.

JVC are keen to sell these cameras in Australia and will organise a good price through a reputable dealer, if pushed. If you are interested, contact me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Kent R Fry
10 February 2016

4 Sale or Wanted

If you have an item to sell, or want to place "Wanted" advert, then contact email the Editor.

4 Sale

to a good home. Will even deliver within reason:

Rob Nercessian has a number of shelves and racks for free. Contact him if interested.

Place Your Ad?

If you are a (financial) Club Member, then send the following information to the Editor.
  • 4Sale or Wanted (which?)
  • Contact: Your name
  • Item: Summary
  • Price: Asking price
  • Options: If any
  • Description: Any details, with photos and links


Club assets that are available for loan to financial members


Audio Kit 1

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Audio Kit 2

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Lighting Equipment

Items available separately
  1. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand
  2. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand (2nd unit)
  3. Dedo Halogen 150W focusable spot light, mains powered

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Camera Crane (aka JIB) with stand
  2. NEW 7" Field Monitor (HDMI)

Loan Procedures

  • Club assets can be borrowed by club members that are financial, for club related shooting.
  • To book any items, please contact the Asset Manager and check availability.
  • The borrowing member is responsible for returning the items in the same condition they were in when borrowed. Damage or loss are the responsibility of the borrower.

See you at the meeting - and email me your thoughts!

Paul Szilard
SVMC Vice President
Comp & Asset Manager | EE Editor | Dog's Body

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