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Throught the President's Lens

Rob Nercessian - President

Another exciting club night is on target

The club is growing thanks to new diverse membership, a small but effective committee, and the interesting guest speakers. We have another good one coming this week.

You probably heard about last month’s exciting program. It was standing room only!

Margaret McHugh was great. Everyone commented favourably. We many other items presented - the crowd had the best night.

We ran over closing time!

We need to lock the doors by 10:30 sharp, so in future we must finish our program by 10:15 to allow us time to pack up.

May I suggest that we get there earlier to have our chats before the program starts rather than after.

This month’s program:

  1. For our main attraction this Wednesday we have Dion Wilton who is an industry personality currently working on a feature film which he is also directing, and had done most of the technical work.

I worked with Dion as director, cameraman, editor and guest locator for a number of years (at Sydney TV) and can recommend him.

Dion is no stranger to our club. In fact he had lead a number of full-day External courses which turned out to be very effective. These were paid lectures, and were considered great value by those who attended.

I am going to ask Dion if he would be willing to conduct another one-day external course for our members, if there is enough interest. He will let us know on Wednesday night if it is feasible.

However this Wednesday club night you will get some of his Wisdom for free.

Dion will use this yet unfinished film to demonstrate the “continuous filming dialogue” technique. Not to be missed!

You will have an opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the finished film and provide feed-back (on another day) so that Dion and his team can make any changes to the film before its public debut..

  1. Ex-president Ami Levartovsky has agreed to give us a talk (second half) about web sites that are of particular interest to film makers. I have always found his collection of apps, video discount stores and other gems to be money-saving and interesting. Thank you Ami!

  2. I have asked the director of Sydney’s SMART PHONE FILM FETIVAL, Angela Blake to return to our stage to show us a sample entry of films made entirely on a smart phone, to be entered into the third annual Smart Phone festival (August). You need to learn this skill. You still have time to make an entry to SF3.

Vivid Chatswood

Stuart Plant took a secret video of our members during VIVID  on the streets of Chatswood.

The club's presence at Vivid Chatswood was an official collaboration with the local council. A councilor visit us at both nights.

We walked the streets in the freezing cold to send people to our exhibit in the Library while Paul was inside the warm library talking to the attendees and showing them our films, Thanks Paul!

We did this on the 2nd and the 9th of this month. One person joined as a result of this exercise, a clever lady who has worked in the news area.

“Thank you” to Frank Brus, Neville Waller, Clare Waterworth, Bill Congdon and Paul Szilard for supplying us  with their own Vivid  footage that we used for this promo. It looked great.


So far our membership has doubled since January and I am expecting a few more to attend this month. Find out how many we are on club night.

I welcome our newest member Joel Vogler who is full of initiative. Joel has already made a great impression by creating an Instagram account for our club!

You can download the Instagram on your smart phone  @sydneyvideomakers . He has used the clubs logo .. the password is: H264codec . Thanks Joel!

You will meet him on stage, on club night.

Since January I recruited some personal friends who joined us either out of genuine desire to improve their passion for filming or just to be nice to me, not sure which ☺

This is something you too can do by simply talking about our full and exciting programs we enjoyed this year, once you bring them in I will sell them a membership.

New Fee Structure

New members joining in the second half of the year nown pay only 50% of the annual fee, i.e. $35.

This will help you sign up new members like I have been doing all year. So please use our new discounted fee to attract new members asap, As at one stage we had a membership of 140. My realistic goal is 100.

Members joining at the lower price will still enjoy full rights, such as VOTY entry, Equipment loan, using our substantial programs and credence over 25 year we are considered high value even at $70


Did you know that many clubs, (such as the Rotary) must have a different president elected every year? It’s true, and the reason for that is to inject a different angle and a fresh approach to the meetings.

At our club a president can serve for three convective terms before he has to vacate. Ex-presidents are allowed to be re-elected any time in future.. That’s why I am here again having served a few times in the past..  So Ruskin, Ami and Eddie please don’t wonder off too far, you are encouraged to take the wheel any time like I did, The AGM is only 3 meetings away!

This year the committee comprises of half the number of people compared to last year as one member listed on the committee hasn’t attended any of the meetings.

So in order to make next year’s committee have an easier go of it please consider volunteering at the AGM.  

I also encourage our newer members to be on the 2017 committee, it’s a great experience. The voting for that takes place at the September 2016 AGM…..  BE THERE!  


We will also hold a Special general meeting to vote on a couple of minor amendments that to our constitution that I moved in January. Eddie and I spoke about it a few times, Ian Scott has uploaded the proposed amendments to our website last month.

You have the opportunity to discuss and vote on it. It’s just another item our committee worked hard to prepare that will enhance our procedures.


You will be pleased to know that we now have 6 teams again, and they are ready to film/ have already done so.

We reconfigured the teams to improve the group dynamics.

The Team leaders are:
  1. Kent Fry –  Packers
  2. Scotty – Nuts Team
  3. Ami Levartovsky – G7
  4. Jake Bray – Jake’s team
  5. Siobahn -  Zen Creatures
  6. Paul Szilard – Green Screen
As  teams manager, please contact me before you swap members between teams.
We have also created a flying squad of some are experienced members who don’t have a team but have kindly accepted to help any team make a film. Please contact me if you need them.

The flying squad consists of :
  1. Rob Nercessian
  2. Brian O'Reiley
  3. Ruskin Spiers
  4. Chris Saville
  5. Paul Szilard
  6. Mark Ward
Ruskin is generally busy, He can help you mostly over the phone on matters to do with editing questions etc

Contact Paul if you need to borrow club gear,

Please return the gear to him or me as soon as you finished with it.

Do not use the equipment for anything other team’s filming.

Do not lend it to another person without the committee’s permission.

You are responsible for any damage or loss of any of the club’s equipment.

Finally to all members: If your team leader hasn’t contact you, or you are not happy with anything please contact me confidentially.

Good luck with the shoot

Robert Nercessian
Club President

VP's Message

Paul Szilard - Vice President

Some technical snippets in no particular order, which may be of interest to some:

Did you know that you can wirelessly stream content from your iPad or MacBook laptop, to the TV, by fitting an Apple TV box? Of course there are cable adaptors for either to HDMI available too. See also Eddie Hanham's article below.

You can convert your iPhone (or iPad) to a high quality digital audio recorder with stereo mikes (albeit only 2 channel), by the addition of a stereo mic that plugs into the Lightning connector? Both Rode and Zoom make these and maybe be other brands too. If you want more info, ask me as I recently bought a Rode iXY-L.

Do you want to use your DSLR shooting video in bright sunlight and have difficulty seeing the LCD? Add an LCD hood such as one from Kamerar, shown below. (Tip from Brian O'Reily)

Paul Szilard

Members Write

Article supplied by Eddie Hanham

More on Selfies and the use of Smartphones for Videoing – by Eddie Hanham
As I mentioned at the May Meeting, we have a small committee highly committed and overwhelmed at trying to keep up with managing the club and producing articles for the EE. Our Vice President is across multiple fronts as Competition Manager and EE Editor as well as looking after the Web, so any help with articles would be gratefully received.

The Committee feel committed to provide articles to the Electronic Eye and its new format using Mail Chimp to circulate to members, and provide the opportunity to aim towards a more multimedia publication.

When I first joined the club the Committee used to post out the Electronic Eye to all members, we had a team to do this on the Committee back then.
Today rather than paraphrase an article that is more fully explained on the web I am providing pointers and links to these articles for you to browse. Technology is more rapidly changing now in our field and the current tendency throughout the web is to video rather than the written word, it is more effective in capturing the “reader’s” attention ad more effective in getting a message across. Read on and click heading below to link to the article.

What is MiraCast

Miracast is a wireless display standard designed for mirroring a smartphone, tablet, or PC’s screen to a television without requiring any physical HDMI cables. It’s becoming more widespread with each passing day. Miracast can best be thought of like a wireless HDMI cable.

However the implementation of this standard varies between devices on the market and maybe not yet mature. The committee is currently doing some research to identify a wireless to Projector device that works with both iPhone, IMac, Android and Windows devices. This would enable members to hopefully be able to connect their own devices directly to the club projector to illustrate a personal problem or transfer a clip they would like to show to other members.
If you wish you can use a Smart TV box, for less than $100, to connect to you own network via Wifi at home. Here is an example, look on the RHS side of the screen when you are there to browse further.

Bear in mind, that smartphones have a lot of advantage over video cameras of old and are now, because of their portability, able to take videos and edit on line. In my article in April I pointed out how Selfies are becoming popular in many ways, look at these links to see how we can get front and centre now with interviews. See this site for an examination of the use of Smartphones for taking Videos with “Selfies” and this one to show an example of interviews using a “Selfie”.

4 Sale or Wanted

If you have an item to sell, or want to place "Wanted" advert, then contact email the Editor.

4 Sale


Place Your Ad?

If you are a (financial) Club Member, then send the following information to the Editor.
  • 4Sale or Wanted (which?)
  • Contact: Your name
  • Item: Summary
  • Price: Asking price
  • Options: If any
  • Description: Any details, with photos and links


Club assets that are available for loan to financial members


Audio Kit 1

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Audio Kit 2

  1. RODE NTG2 shotgun mic, with RODE Boom Pole and noise breaking "Blimp"
  2. RODE FilmMaker radio mic (Lavalier)
  3. Audio Pre-Amp
  4. Carry Bag

Lighting Equipment

Items available separately
  1. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand
  2. LED light panel with mains PSU and stand (2nd unit)
  3. Dedo Halogen 150W focusable spot light, mains powered

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Camera Crane (aka JIB) with stand
  2. 7" LCD LED Field Monitor (HDMI)

Loan Procedures

  • Club assets can be borrowed by club members that are financial, for club related shooting.
  • To book any items, please contact the Asset Manager and check availability.
  • The borrowing member is responsible for returning the items in the same condition they were in when borrowed. Damage or loss are the responsibility of the borrower.

See you at the meeting - and email me your thoughts!

Paul Szilard
SVMC Vice President
Comp & Asset Manager | EE Editor | Dog's Body

Click to email Paul now
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