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  • on 31.03.2016
World Youth Choir 2016
Rehearsal session Weikersheim, Germany
Tour with concerts in Germany and Belgium
13/7 - 02/8/2016
More info >> here

European seminar for young composers
Aosta, Italy | 17-24/7/2016
More info >> here
  • on 15.04.2016
Kurt Thomas Cursus for choral conductor
Utrecht, The Netherlands | 8-16/7/2016
More info >> here
  • on 30.04.2016
Eurochoir 2016
San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), Italy | 29/7-7/8/2016
More info >> here

12th Oratorio Choir Academy on Orchestra Conducting
for Choral Conductors and Choir Atelier for Singers
Pécs, Hungary | 21-31/7/2016
More info >> here

Eurochoir 2016

29 July - 7 August 2016
San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), Italy
Eurochoir is a unique choral event with the goal to bring young people from all over Europe together.
The 2016 edition will have 2 conductors, one from Italy and one from Finland: Lorenzo Donati and Mikko Sidoroff.
The repertoire will be a mix of Italian and international choral music.

Central-Eastern European Centre

The EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs 2015 opened up a number of pathways to Central and South Eastern European countries through the contentful cooperation so our Hungarian colleagues have decided to move the Central Eastern European Centre of ECA-EC from Pomáz to Pécs, to the magnificent Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, one of the most successful results of the 2010 European Capital of Culture year in the city, by providing a solid infrastructural background for choral events and a long term partnership!

European Perspectives on Music Education

We contributed an article to the latest book of the European Association for Music in Schools, presenting the VOICE project and our approach to European Cooperation. Discover all the rich contributions in this volume published by Helbling Verlag.

News from the European / International choral network


Singing Roadshow - Mobile vocal academy

Join the call upon existing resources and promote activities such as Singing Roadshow, offering a "picnic basket" where people can bring any vocal thing with short and big menus, as patterns of action that can be done in different places.

International Federation for Choral Music

IFCM March Newsletter

Read the IFCM March eNews here:
In English
In French - en français
In German - auf Deutsch
In Spanish - en español
In Italian - in italiano

News from other culture networks

Why are cultural networks important?

We international cultural networks come together on a regular basis to share experiences and knowhow, to increase our cooperation and to discuss how we can better support the cultural sector.
"The Value of International Cultural Networks" is our statement of why we are here and why we intend to stay.
You are welcome to share and spread the message! #culturenetworks

European Music Council

6th European Forum on Music

19 - 22 May 2016 | Wroclaw, Poland
"[...] an occasion for music practitioners, networks, organisations, teachers, emerging professionals, or simply music enthusiasts to come together and exchange, in an open, dynamic and friendly city that is Wroclaw."
More info >> here

Culture at the forefront at the European project

In February 2016 the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat joined the 2030 Alliance for Culture and the Arts which published an appeal to put Culture at the forefront of the European project. The appeal is based on the fact that the European Union finds its basis in a shared culture, which should be seen as strength, and that Culture and the arts are relevant for the quality of our life and the European project.
Read more >> here
Bonus track

Help with Music Research

Participate in an international online study on why some choirs sound better than others.
Spread the news along your network!
Contact: Peter Keller | Professor & Research Program Leader: Music Cognition & Action
MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development
Western Sydney University | Australia | Phone: +61 2 9772 6722
MARCS Music Research
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