Note: Our careers are an incredibly important and complex part of our adult lives that it didn't seem right to fit everything that needs to be said into one newsletter. So, for the first time ever, this will be a two-parter from yours truly. Stay tuned next Friday for the "conclusion" to all of this career madness.
For many of us, a career (including things like time spent commuting and thinking about your work) will take up somewhere between 50,000 and 150,000 hours.

At the moment, a long human life runs at about 750,000 hours. When you subtract your childhood (~175,000 hours) and the portion of your adult life you’ll spend sleeping, eating, exercising, running errands, and doing necessary life stuff (~325,000 hours), you’re left with approximately 250,000 “meaningful adult hours.” 

Meaningful adult hours include your career, for starters, along with time spent with your family and friends, traveling, pursuing passions, hobbies, and lots of other things that make our lives generally better.
In other words, roughly 20-60% of our meaningful adult lives is made up of our careers. 

Besides the sheer amount of time spent working, our careers make up our identity, significantly impact the quality of our lives, and allow us to make a difference (positive or negative) on others for more than four decades.

So why don't we spend more time thinking about our career path and if what we're doing is truly right for us? 

We're told to follow our passions, but find it hard to explain what we're passionate about. 

We're told we're good at something like speaking or drawing or making friends, but don't know how that translates to a career that we're excited to wake up to every morning.

In all of the confusion, time passes, and many of us naturally (sometimes unintentionally) follow the career path that makes sense at the time. We're not sure why it makes sense, but it pays the bills, or it's in a good location, or we're comfortable.

Then there's the lucky ones that know exactly what they want to do and how they're going to get there. Even then, those people often wake up 30 years down the road wondering how they got there.

Which is exactly why we need a career framework... 

Something to guide us and help us identify the sweet spot between our career dreams and life's realities.

But that's for next week in Part 2 of this career adventure.

Until next Friday, Thinkers.

- Brian

P.S. Speaking of careers, Glassdoor just released their 2019 Best Places to Work report. Spoiler alert, Bain & Company took the top spot for the 4th time in 11 years. 
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