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Dear Briton in Europe,

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our information campaign about the Withdrawal Agreement, which examines working rights, qualifications and family reunification.

Contrary to the stereotypes in the UK media, 80% of Britons in Europe are of working age or below. We explain how the Withdrawal Agreement guarantees all working rights currently enjoyed by employed and self-employed Britons in their host country. The WA also permits frontier workers to continue to live in one country and work in another EU state, subject to certain conditions. Existing professional qualifications will still be valid in the country where they have been recognised. Finally, Britons covered by the WA will be able to bring over close family to live with them.

Tomorrow, we will look at what rights are not covered under the Withdrawal Agreement - and top of the list are the end to our freedom of movement within the EU and the end to cross-border service provision for UKinEU.

See below for more information about our GoFundMe appeal, to enable British in Europe to finish the job of protecting your rights over the key transition period. So far we have raised .....€ - our thanks to all the donors.

Today our BiE group spotlight is on Brexpats - Hear Our Voice - a pan-EU group which has been a major contributor to the coalition.

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80% of Britons in the EU are of working age or below

For three years British in Europe has been fighting the pernicious stereotypes of us in the UK press (the top photo is taken from an article in The Guardian). The reality is very different - the bottom photo is taken from a British in Germany meeting.
 What still needs doing for Britons in Europe?

-  Monitor and provide critical feedback on the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement throughout the EU, particularly in areas such as reciprocal healthcare for UK pensioners.

-  In member states and at EU-level, press for a fair and consistent approach to the registration of Britons in our new status as third-country nationals protected by the WA.

-  Fight for rights such as continuing freedom of movement and cross-border service provision, which were unfairly left out of the WA.

-  Further lobby the UK government about student fees and the right to return with non-UK family members.

-  Continue to raise the issues of working people and young Britons.

-  Foster contacts with MEPs and the EU Ombudsman’s office to ensure that our rights are properly and consistently implemented across the EU27.
Spotlight on BiE groups around the EU

Brexpats - Hear Our Voice (BHOV) is a pan-European support and citizens' rights campaigning group. It was founded by Debbie Williams, a British national in Spain, and was awarded the European Citizen's Prize in 2017 for outstanding work in promoting EU values. BHOV made history by becoming the first group of citizens outside their birth country to receive the award. They are also unique in their cross-channel collaboration with the In Limbo Project, brainchild of Elena Remigi, which gives a voice to EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU. The project has produced two books, In Limbo and In Limbo Tooto bear witness to the human cost of Brexit through personal testimonies. The books were presented in the European Parliament in October 2018.  Far from being done, Brexit still leaves much uncertainty, so the In Limbo Project and BHOV's work continues.

Fearful, uncertain, angry, ashamed. Betrayed, bereft, unsettled, abandoned. Collateral damage, high and dry. Cast adrift, torn asunder. For many UK citizens who have built homes, families and lives in Europe, these words express how they have felt since the EU referendum upturned their lives. As part of the European Union, the generations who have moved from Britain to the rest of Europe have done so with an assumption of belonging. They could live, love, work, start a family, start a business, own property, and contribute to society in the same way that someone could move from Kent to Cumbria in the knowledge that their citizenship and status would remain inviolable. For UK citizens in Europe, the 2016 referendum shattered that security overnight.
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