Dear Briton in Europe,

This week is a turning point for Britons in Europe as we see our country leave the EU. It is also a decisive moment for British in Europe as we reflect on what we have achieved and how we can fulfil our objectives during the crucial transition period, which is scheduled to finish on 31 December this year.

For three years we have lived and breathed citizens' rights. We have pored over EU directives and case law to produce powerful dossiers which highlight the human cost of Brexit for the 1.2 million Britons in Europe. We have given evidence at the European Parliament, Westminster and national parliaments around the EU. Along with the3million we have explained our plight to senior politicians such as Michel Barnier, Jeremy Corbyn, Guy Verhofstadt and Stephen Barclay. We have provided expert analysis and opinion across the media, building up a strong social media presence to break stereotypes about us and show how our loss of rights will affect our everyday lives.  


The thousands of volunteer hours that have made us the leading UKinEU citizens' rights organisation have come at a significant personal and professional cost. After thirty-six months of gruelling work the situation is untenable. Unlike other NGOs, we have been unable to employ paid staff. With virtually no core funding and no funding from the UK government, we depend on donations. To cover our expenses and financially compensate some steering team members for some of their work, we are launching a fundraising appeal - to enable us to finish the job we started in 2016.

So, this week we will try to sell ourselves to you and we will tell you what we have achieved so far. At the same time, we will continue our information campaign about the Withdrawal Agreement: residence rights and procedures (see below); health, pensions and social security (Tuesday); working rights, professional qualifications and future family reunification (Wednesday); what is not covered in the Withdrawal Agreement (Thursday); FAQs (Friday). We will also report on this week's lobbying trip to Brussels - on Wednesday and Thursday Jane and Fiona will be once again fighting for your rights at the European Parliament and the EU Commission.

How can you help? Make a one-off donation or, even better, sign up for a regular payment. Share our fundraiser with other Britons in Europe and family and friends back in the UK. Tell people what we've done and what we still need to do. Convince them that British in Europe adds value for money.

Without you we can't do it, we need your help to allow us to finish the job. Believe in us and secure your future. Donate now.

With best wishes,

BiE Steering Group




So what are your rights worth to you?

After three years of campaigning on a shoestring, we are asking you to help us to cover our expenses and fund the work of some steering team members for some of their work. 

Our overall target is 200,000€. This will enable us to step up our advocacy on your behalf, to fight for your rights and to monitor implementation throughout the transition period, which is scheduled to end on 31 December this year.

If we get 100,000€ our campaigns will be more restricted in terms of the areas we cover and our advocacy trips to Brussels, London and Member State capitals will be less frequent.

If we get 50,000€ or less, our organisation will be in serious trouble and we will even have to consider closing down. After three years of voluntary work and funding BiE largely from our own pockets, our savings are depleted or exhausted and our businesses and families are in dire need of attention.

 BiE information campaign on the Withdrawal Agreement

Our second instalment looks at how the Withdrawal Agreement affects our residence rights in our host country and analyses the options that EU member states have for registration procedures for Britons in Europe.

BiE Crowdfunder Appeal

Meet our steering group members.

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