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Today we are publishing information which is of interest to all 1.2 million Britons in the EU but particularly to UK pensioners who rely on reciprocal healthcare.

We provide the details of how the Withdrawal Agreement continues all the current rules for reciprocal healthcare. We also explain how the WA guarantees the automatic uprating of pensions (for life), the export of benefits and the aggregation of contributions in both the EU-27 and the UK, for all those covered by its social security coordination provisions.

Once the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified, you will be able to discount previous UK government announcements which put time limits on healthcare and pensions uprating - as these were made in the context of a no-deal Brexit.

We are also continuing our crowdfunder campaign. In the first twenty-four hours we received nearly 10,000€ in donations and we would like to thank everybody who has contributed so far. Today is another big day for us. So please share with as many people as possible and donate....

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1. The Withdrawal Agreement

-  Working with the3million, British in Europe ensured that citizens’ rights were at the top of the list of three priorities in the agreement.

-  Both groups had a major impact on the citizens' rights chapter, feeding into (and being debriefed on) each round of negotiations and every draft. 

-  We highlighted previously ignored areas such as the rights of dual nationals, we ensured clarity on healthcare and social security and we persuaded both sides to extend the right of absence for permanent residents from two to five years

-  We widened the initial focus of negotiators to include issues that affect Britons of working age and particularly those of young people.

2. UK Government Issues

-  In ongoing talks, we have obtained a commitment that UK nationals in the EU27 going to study in Britain will be entitled to home university fee rates rather than expensive international fees for seven years from the end of the transition period.

-  We have obtained a grace period until 2022 for Britons returning to the UK with non-British family members without having to meet the requirements of normally applicable UK immigration law.

3. No-deal Plans

Through our advocacy on contingency plans:

-  We secured better provisions on healthcare for pensioners and the uprating of UK pensions than the UK government initially offered.

-  We obtained clarification and changes from member states that would have benefited Britons in areas such as registration for our new status.

4. Information

-  For our 35,000 members, at each stage of the negotiations, we have provided clear and accurate information on citizens' rights.

-  For government and the media we have provided expert analysis with a strong legal basis on the complexity of issues such as working rights, professional qualifications, pensions, healthcare and mobile citizens.

So these are some of our achievements over the last three years. If you feel we are doing a good job, donate to our gofundme appeal to help us keep going for the rest of the year.
 Spotlight on BiE groups around the EU

British in Italy has been lobbying the Italian government since 2017. Committee members have met two ministers and achieved the inclusion of key healthcare and citizens' rights provisions in the Italian No Deal Brexit Decree. They have given evidence to parliamentary committees and drafted amendments for legislation. British in Italy has run public meetings across the country to inform Britons about the implications of Brexit and this work has been backed up by extensive communication efforts on their website and social media.
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