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Event:  Dissolve Inequality Music Conference

March 16, 2016

This one-day event, a continuation of the Dissolve Inequality series, will explore the question: What can a new era of music teach us about reducing inequalities — gender, racial, economic, and more?  

Come join in discussions with artists and scholars, and join the networking dinner and musical performance in the evening featuring internationally acclaimed rapper Shing02 (from Japan), local funk legends The A-Beez, and a rare stateside appearance of Toshiya the Tribal (also from Japan). 

Presented as a co-production of MIT/Harvard Cool Japan research project. 
Musicians Panel and Ignite Talks
2-5pm: Panel of Musicians & Scholars Debate Music & Inequality
MIT, Room 4-237

Dinner and Dance Party  
6-8pm: Dissolve Inequality Networking Dinner
8-midnight: Dissolve Dance Party, w/ Shing02, Toshiya the Tribal (from Japan) & A-Beez
Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA 

Free and open to the public, though the Middlesex event after 8pm will be 21+. 

For the full schedule and locations, please visit our website.

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Conferences and Journals

Articles of Note
  • Reacting to Reactions:  
    Technology critic Rob Horning on the newly unveiled Facebook Reactions and authenticity as compulsory work
  • The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens:
    The New Republic's Elspeth Reeve explores the rising empires of Tumblr's teen comedy geniuses.
  • An Elite Online Club Just For Mollys
    "In my late twenties, thanks to Facebook, I found the other Mollys—or, rather, they found me. They were legion. They called themselves the Mollarmy, and they invited me into their club. We’re not the only ones, either. There are groups of Steves, of Lances, of Mirandas—all out there, finding each other, Facebook messaging constantly, sharing the only thing they have in common: a name."
  • The Los Angeles Beat Scene
    "It was a self-contained world: no internet hype, no frills, no ego trips, and no green room to separate artists from fans. The club offered safe harbor from button-pushing, bottle-popping Hollywood DJs. Inside the walls of The Airliner, genres got fractured and remixed."
  • Queerness and Gaming
    "Looking at political engagement with public and personal play along with complicated forms of resistance in identity politics, we can see design that allows us to make gestures towards new utopias."
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