The Crafters Challenge

GenghisCon is running from 21-23 January 2022 at Belmont Sports and Recreation Club. Visit or click here for more information.

We are excited to announce The Crafters Challenge competition on Saturday afternoon, 22 January, from 2pm - 6pm. If you finish before then, you can hand your piece in early, but tools down at 6pm!

Entries in advance required! Please see contact information at the bottom of this email to enter.


1. You get one large folding table, and can bring as many tools and supplies as you like, that you can fit on, under, around or behind that. BYO wheely craft caddies are fine, we just can't have a fire/trip hazard of six foot piles of "stuff"(tm) by each table.

2. At the beginning, a cloth is lifted off the 'mystery items'; you must take a share of said mystery items, and include them in your build! In the past we have had sewing machines, glue guns, drills, dremmels, all kinds of jewelry things, blacksmith tools, even an anvil!

3. You MUST byo sufficient drop cloths, table cloths and plastic floor sheets, depending with what it is you are creating - due to it being a large carpeted room in Belmont Sports and Rec Club. Anything liquid = plastic table cloth.
A floor tarp for paint, and at least a $2 reject shop plastic table cloth taped on the floor under infront of you for glue workers. Let’s protect our venue!

4. If you want to bring something previously prepared to work on top of, please run it past our judge first. For example, bringing a preformed cast head but sewing the fur for over it (or whole fur suit). Only the work you do in the Crafters Challenge will be adjudicated.

Our Craft Challenge Mistress this year is Dr Alicia Manolas and Tiberius, who is both chief adjudicator and safety advisor. As part of the latter, the following rules are included:

5. NO, on glitter, ahead of time!

6. NO large paint amounts, beyond miniature bottles you can duct tape down. However you can take something outside into the carpark grass with a rug, for a quick spray, if absolutely necessary.

7. NO aerosols to be used in The Crafters Challenge workshop room. They are poisonous to the judge’s Assistance Animal as well as bad for carpet.

8. If in doubt of ANYTHING please ask the judge; we can check ahead with our lovely venue Manager! When they and staff stick their heads in we need them seeing how careful we are being of their venue, so this doesn't get banned in future years. A big show of cloths doesn't take much on our account, but makes sure all crafters are welcomed back!
As you might expect, everyone is expected to help clean up.

9. The prize is a mystery prize, plus cash, and bragging rights as the winner of GenghisCon Crafters Challenge 2022

10. Usually items made in the Crafters Challenge are gifted to the Auction, which is held on Sunday, however this is optional. 50% of the final sale price for items made in the Crafters Challenge can go back to the crafter so that everyone can compete. The remaining auction proceeds go towards paying for holding GenghisCon next year, in order to continue to remain Australia’s most affordable Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention!

The GenghisCon Auction also accepts donations for all items that our community might enjoy - sci-fi/fantasy themed items, plushies, board games, trading cards, gift cards etc. are all welcome! 100% of the sale value of items donated that are not part of the Crafters Challenge go towards the convention.

11. To register for the Crafters Challenge and reserve your table, please contact Alicia Manolas on Facebook Messenger, text 0420 790 887, or email, and acknowledge you understand the rules!

Excited to see you all at the con, and at the Crafters Challenge on Saturday 22 Jan! Crafting together is always a whole lot of fun!

Dr Alicia Manolas & Tiberius