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Wat 'n voorreg om so vroeg in Julie al 'n vol Clanwilliam dam te beleef! Ons harte juig, ons is dankbaar en ons besef net weer ons afhanklikheid van die natuur.
Te midde van 'n onderste bo Suid-Afrika kan ons opgewonde raak oor ons velde wat reeds lowergroen is en  blomme wat plek-plek kop uitsteek en ons sypaadjies en Ramskop Natuurtuin verkleur.

Ons raak liries oor pragtige sneeu foto's van die Maltese kruis en 'n vol waterval by Nieuwoudtville, almal tekens van 'n pragtige veldblom seisoen wat wag.

Read all about a hiker's experience at the Wolfberg Cracks in the Cederberg and make plans for the upcoming Mandela Day this Sunday, 18 July 2021? As always, catch up on things to do in Clanwilliam and surrounds.

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Reënval in Clanwilliam omgewing

Plaas/Area Julie 2021 Jaar tot op datum
Biedouw, Mertenhof 23.6mm 146.5mm
Driehoek, Cederberg 111mm 360mm
Jakkalsvlei 67mm 214mm
Klipfontein Plaas 42mm 134mm
Kriedouwkrans 55.8mm 170mm
Marcuskraal 44mm 157mm
Skimmelberg 75mm 313mm
Vondeling 33mm 133mm
Alpha Excelsior 28mm  
De Pakhuys 29.5mm  
Doornbos 12mm  
Drilrivier 20mm  
Kanolvlei 17.5mm  
Kleinfontein 26mm  
Lorraine 14.1mm  
Nardowsberg 20mm  
Oumuur 22mm  
Papkuilsfontein 20mm  
Taaiboskraal 17mm  
Travellers Rest 17mm  
Uitsig 16mm  
Vleiplaas Mark 32mm  
Wolfdrif 15mm  
Zandkraal 17mm  

Clanwilliam Museum

Neem asb kennis dat die Clanwilliam Museum tans gesluit is agv die Vlak 4 inperking. Ons hoop om weer binnekort oop te maak, sodat Herschil Pieterse ons besoekers meer oor ons pragtige geskiedenis kan vertel.

Cederberg ClickClick

Wat is die voordele van op Dwarsrivier bly? Baie!
(Ons praat nou nie eens van die wêreldklas wyn wat jy daar kan geniet nie!)
Corrine Fortuin se glimlag is duidelik te hoor in haar stem. Haar voordeel: “Ek kon vanoggend om 09:00 saam met my kollega, Tom, die Maltese Kruis- staproete gaan stap.”
Wat 'n voorreg om daardie eerste treë in vars sneeu te kan gee! Kyk net hoe mooi staan die Maltese Kruis in die pragtige sneeu.
Corrine sê sy kan net nie uitgepraat raak oor die besonderse mooi natuurskoon waar sy bly nie. Elke seisoen is uniek en besonders, maar elke jaar verras die sneeuseisoen haar van voor af en sy verruil hierdie wêreld vir niks nie!
Gister het dit 26mm op die plaas gereën en vanoggend het hulle met die pragtige sneeubedekte berge rondom die plaas wakker geword.
Hulle verwag vandag en môre heelwat stappers wat die verskillende roetes op die plaas sal wil gaan stap. Onthou: jy moet 'n Cape Nature-permit koop - beskikbaar by Sanddrif se kantore.
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Ramskop Natuurtuin

Ramskop Natuurtuin

Toegangsfooie 2021
Per persoon:

- Volwassenes @ R31
- Pensionarisse @ R22
- Kinders @ R12

Cederberg Munisipaliteit
027 482 8000


Agrimark se aanlyn tydskrif MARKToe!
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Cederberg Wolberg Cracks

BLOG: Joshua Le Roux
The Wolfberg Cracks, or The March To The Arch, as my buddies and I call it. From there, it was all uphill for the rest of the group of five. We chose to keep the group small in order to have fewer hassles and a good source of energy to keep us going on our journey.
Important information: To book the hike, it would cost us R200 each for the conservation fees. However, there is another R100 that is charged when you get to the Cederberg to check into the hike. 
If you're a fan of hiking, you know that every trip requires preparation. If you want to hike overnight, for example, the first step is to prepare in advance. The tricky part is knowing what to take and what to leave behind…
These are the things we took with us on our 2-day hike on 8-9 May 2021

What we packed:
  • 60 Litre Hiking Backpack
  • 1 x 2-man tent 
  • Plasters
  • First Aid Kit
  • LOTS OF WATER - a minimum of 4 Litres 
  • Headlamp or torch
  • Food (Fruit, Nuts, Sandwich, Biltong, two-minute noodle,etc)
  • Camera
  • Change of WARM clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Knife
  • Rope (very Important)
  • Gas + Kettle and a Pot
  • A little Flask of Whisky
  • Small blow-up mattress
How We Got there 
One thing is certain: we had a good time because we were all in the same vehicle, which was only possible because we had rented a car which was a Volkswagen Kombi 4 motion.
This vehicle was incredible. With our five hiking backpacks and plenty of open space, it easily fit all five of us.

We decided to drive together because it would be easier and more cost-effective to divide the fuel. The ride was fantastic, and it was an excellent choice for the Cederberg Road, which is primarily uneven gravel. When you are driving on that gravel road,  you should deflate your tires substantially. Since there were five people and we didn't have a tire gauge. We each took a tire and set a timer for 30 seconds while deflating.
We left Cape Town at 6:00 a.m., took a one-hour break, and then drove to Sandrift in the Cederberg. The journey into Sandrif is breathtaking, as you ride high up on well-kept gravel roads while surrounded by the magnificent Cederberg mountain range. We signed in and paid our R100 hike fee at the Sandrift Reception before heading to the Cracks. After passing through a gate, you'll arrive at the Wolfberg Parking Lot, which is at the start of the hike.
The Hike
We arrived at the parking lot of the Wolfberg Cracks, and immediately set out to begin our hike. The hike from the parking lot is relatively short but very steep. My legs were already cramping up and we hadn't even begun our ascent yet!
We started ascending around 9.00 a.m. We decided to take it easy on the first part of the mountain because our packs were so heavy and there was such a steep ascent ahead of us. We had two rests before entering the Wolfberg Cracks.
We saw a few people on the trail, generally families, but no other overnight hikers. We took a pause and ate a short snack just before climbing up into the cracks.
This was the beginning of the happy memories. We had a couple of ropes to climb and some challenging areas to navigate with our large bags, but the well-kept hiking trail made it possible.
We were ecstatic as everything began to darken, leading to a small tunnel that we had to pass through, which was exceedingly difficult with our heavy packs.
When we got into the deep cracks, it was around 12 p.m. The fractures were so effectively concealed that it became absolutely black, necessitating the use of a torch.
We had one more tight squeeze, which required us to remove our packs, crushing the bananas in my bag.
After we got out, the payoff was fantastic. From left to right, we could only see towering mountain peaks where the light was just peeping through but bouncing off the rocks, providing us with enough light.
We were all blown away by this amazing natural rock edifice, which was surprisingly quiet. We took our time peering through the cracks before continuing on after a little bite to eat and taking in the spectacular views. The crack constricted as we progressed, forcing us to drop our bags and rely on the rope to help us ascend a steep slope. This is where teamwork came in handy.

Rooibos Ltd

In die jongste episode van “Met 'n Huppel In Die Stap”, 'n TV-program op kykNET, het die produksiespan by Rooibos Beperk en House of Rooibos ingeloer om meer oor dié eg Suid-Afrikaanse produk uit te vind.

In die onderstaande video gesels Lieb Bester met Marijke Ehlers van Rooibos Beperk.

Social Media Picture of the week

Picture of Enjo Cottage taken 10 July 2021.
No filter - flower watch has begun, we will keep you updated as the season progresses, this is just the start.
Enjo Nature Farm

Clanwilliam Hotel

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Clanwilliam Dam


Nieuwoudtville Waterval
Nieuwoudtville Cape

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The SA Council for Business Women is committed to develop women to their full potential and to assist women in their leadership roles and we are bringing you an online leadership summit that you can attend in the comfort of your own home!
You're invited to the Leadership to Legacy 2021 Summit on 24 July 2021, in association with the South African Council For Business Women.
AHi subscribers can join at only R200 per person!
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Please note that the Cederberg 1-Day 100Miler event will not be taking place in 2021. Hoping for a wonderful event in 2022!

The 2-Day Trek is going ahead and is planned to be BIG this year. Enter for this event (2 & 3 October 2021) by clicking on the following link: .

Cederberg Traverse presented by Cederberg Wines

7-10 October 2021
𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙜𝙤 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚.
Explore the beauty Cederberg has to offer.
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