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Get a Color Perfect Home!

Happy Independance Day

The fireworks above remind me of my love of color and of freedom:)  Are you tired of the colors that surround you and yearning for something new but scared to try to pick paint in case you make a mistake?  You are not alone! Almost 50% of all paint sales in this country are to people who made color mistakes and buying more paint to fix them. Yikes!

I love color myself and have never been afraid of using it in my home. I have made several mistakes and those have evolved into some amazing rooms!  When I first moved to Alaska, the house I bought had some horrible colors like mint green, mustard yellow and pink. I painted everything white. Then the first winter hit and it was white outside and inside and I felt cold all the time in my own house. That's when I started painting warm reds and yellows downstairs and purples and blues upstairs and I felt so much better! I can feel you cringing at all those colors, but it works for me!  Color is a very personal choice that has to make you happy, work with what you have, create the mood you want in the particular space.  Then again, if you are selling your home, it needs to appeal to buyers.and that is a whole different color story.

Although I also work as an Interior Designer as well as a home stager and do color consultations for home owners and those getting ready to sell, I was always worried about how to deal with all those pesky undertones and make all the colors work together. So I recently went through training to become a Certified Color Expert.  What an eye opening training it was! And super fun. If you need help, let me know! Find out more about my color consulting services here.

Top Paint Color Tips for a Speedy and Profitable Home Sale

Painting walls in fresh light, neutral colors help buyers picture themselves living in the space because they are neutral enough to go with most buyers furnishings and they make the space look larger. A recent study by Zillow found some colors in specific rooms, particularly light blues, increased the sales price in homes, and a lack of color or certain colors decreased the sales price.  Why? Color affects emotion and buyers buy because of emotion!
There is an art to picking color and making sure all the various undertones in whites and neutrals work together with your existing finishes.  Hiring a certified color consultant can help you pull it all together.  Here are some tips for some great paint colors that will work well in most homes and help you have a faster and more profitable home sale! You could receive over $10,000 more for your home sale by picking the right colors!

1. Go Greige

Neutral colors are generally gray or beige with undertones of a variety of colors. Picking the right paint is really about making sure the neutral colors and whites work with your fixed finishes. “Greiges” are a mixture of gray and beige that are versatile and will work with a wide variety of floorings, countertops and other finishes.  Greiges are great for living and family rooms and exterior colors and increase the sales price, according to a recent study by Zillow.  Avoid blues in the living room and browns for the exterior. Here are a few that are beautiful and neutral to attract buyers.
  • Accessible Beige- Sherwin Williams
  • Edgecomb Gray- Benjamin Moore
  • Revere Pewter- Benjamin Moore

2. Paint ceilings, trim and outdated wooden cabinets “off white”

White is one of the least “safe” paint colors to use, because whites have a variety of undertones that need to work with the fixed finishes and fixtures of a home. Some “off whites” however are versatile and will go with most finishes.  Here are three whites that work with most finishes.
  • White Dove- Benjamin Moore
  • Simply White- Benjamin Moore
  • Cotton Balls- Benjamin Moore

3. Paint the bathroom a light powder blue to periwinkle

A recent study by Zillow found that light blue bathrooms sold for $5,440 more.  Blue is calming and relaxing. Avoid painting the bathroom white though, as homes with white bathrooms often sold for less. These light blues work great for bathrooms.
  • Woodlawn Blue- Benjamin Moore
  • Quiet Moments- Benjamin Moore
  • Whispering Srping- Benjamin Moore

4. Paint the Kitchen a soft gray-blue

The Zillow study found that kitchens painted a soft gray-blue sold for more,  while kitchens painted yellow sold for less.  Blues go best with white cabinets. Here are a few soft grays with blue undertones.
  • Quiet Moments- Benjamin Moore
  • Grey Owl- Benjamin Moore
  • Stonington Gray- Benjamin Moore

5. Paint the Dining Room slate blue to pale gray blue

Dining rooms painted in slate blue to pale gray blue sold for $1926 more. Try these great neutral grays with blue undertones. Avoid brick red and terra-cotta so that you don’t lose $2000.
  • Gray Owl- Benjamin Moore
  • Stonington Gray- Benjamin Moore
  • Van Courtland Blue- Benjamin Moore

6. Paint the Bedroom a light cerulean to cadet blue

Bedrooms painted in cerulean or cadet blue sold for $1856 more, while rooms painted in pinks sold for less. Here are a few cerulean blues.
  • Quiet Moments- Benjamin Moore
  • Palladian Blue- Benjamin Moore
  • Beach Glass- Benjamin Moore

7. Paint the Front Door navy blue, dark gray or charcoal

The Zillow study also found front doors painted navy blue, dark gray or charcoal brought an increased value of about $1514. Here are some beautiful charcoal grays.
  • Temptation- Benjamin Moore
  • Kendall Charcoal- Benjamin Moore
Personally, I like a more colorful door! Here is a beautiful red that I think would attract buyers.
  • Caliente- Benjamin Moore


A recent home staging project before and after painting Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams, a great "greige" color for home staging. See the video on this project here.

Alaska Home Magazine “Ask the Expert”- Staging for a Quick Sale

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I was recently asked to write an article for Alaska Home Magazine's "Ask the Expert" column on tips for staging for a quick sale. I hope you will stop by and see the article here. 

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