Introduction to Step by Step

Step by Step, a Horizon2020 project, aims at reducing the energy consumption of households and encouraging households to invest in energy efficient products and/or high quality renewable energy products. This is done by provoking behavioral change through intensive accompaniment of participating households.

Mobilisation results so far

Intervention in Marseille:

Step by Step spin-off

In Marseille, a twin project of Step by Step is launched. The project, aiming at reducing the energy consumption of 5.000 households, is led by E3D-Environnement and funded by the PACA region.     
In a first phase, four advisors and a team manager have registered 750 households during two months.                                Read more

Energy saving kits


An energy saving kit has been created in the framework of the Step by Step project. The goal of the kit is to enlarge the household’s knowledge on energy saving actions and to motivate the household to take energy saving actions. The kit contains information and energy saving tools. The kit is distributed among 50% of the participating households, based on the behavioral strategy.                                                                                    

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