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A note from the editor...

Here we are with the last Wellsprings Way issue of the 2018/19 academic year!

A big thank you to all of the students, teachers, staff, parents, board members, community members, and volunteers who help make Wellsprings the special place that it is.

Thanks to all for reading and keep the ideas coming! We'll see you in the Fall!

Senior Dinner
Held at McMenamins North Bank restaurant along the banks of the Willamette River this tradition is a special evening for all!

When I asked Gen, Dean of Students and a teacher at the school, what she had to say about graduation she thought for a moment and replied, "How infinitely proud of the students we are."

Graduating Class of 2019!

A BIG Congratulations to everyone in the Class of 2019!

Aiden McKinney
Alyssa Crawford
Brandon Hastings
Caleb Rands
Dalia Hamide
Gaven Carpenter
Ian Stouder
Jack Giddens
Jordin Wood
Kenzie Brennan
Miranda Gustafson
Noah Steinhoff
Sophia Brouse-Schmidt

Student Art

In Chanci’s art class the students are encouraged to explore various art mediums. Below is a recent piece-in-progress by Caleb Rands, picturing Josh Homme from the band, Queens of the Stone Age.

Welcome to Jeopardy. The Category is...People.
The clue is: She is the only person at Wellsprings who has ever been invited to an in-person audition for Jeopardy.
The correct answer is: Who is Gen Schaack?!
Gen, you never cease to amaze! July 10th in Seattle is the date. Go get 'em, Gen!

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Fun answers from students, teachers, and staff!

  • Being in the outdoors next to water as much as I possibly can.
  • Concerts and free time.
  • Spending time in Phoenix with my brother and my four grown kids.
  • Getting to move back into my house.
  • Jeopardy audition!
  • Swimming.
  • Getting married and going to New Zealand for our honeymoon.
  • Sleeping in and...just plain sleeping :).
  • Working the land.
  • Playing bass.
  • Going home and visiting family in Palestine.
  • Hanging out with friends.
  • Long walks.
  • My sister is moving to town and leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Paddle boarding.
  • Getting a job and maintaining a steady work pace.
  • Time with my kids.
  • Planning out my day better.
  • Learning how to drive.
  • Country Fair.
  • Gaming online with friends.
  • Getting ready for LCC.
  • KindTree Camp
  • Seeing my parents.
  • Kitchen renovation being completed.
  • My birthday party.
  • Camping for a week on a river that I can swim in.
  • Band practice with my band.
  • Working with my grandpa on his '54 Ford pickup.
  • Sunshine!

June 14th
No school

June 14th 10am
Graduation Practice
First Christian Church, 1166 Oak St, Eugene

Seniors only.

June 15th 10am
First Christian Church, 1166 Oak St, Eugene

Join us in celebrating the students graduating this year!

June 20th
Last Day of School & Trip to Fern Ridge Reservoir
The yearly celebration of a lunch BBQ, yearbook signing, and rock awards at Richardson Park on Fern Ridge Reservoir.

September 4th
First day of 2019/20 school year

Have you noticed a new look?...

Thanks to:
  • John Etter, board member, for his construction expertise and willingness to get his hands dirty.
  • Chris Meeker, parent of Ben, for helping out.
  • Tim James, Ben's uncle, for installation on a weekend.
  • Dennis Hoerner, Head of School, for advocating for a new sign and for his excellent design eye.

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Wellsprings Way Newsletter Group: Chris Meeker (Ben’s dad), Dawn Meckelson, Dennis Hoerner, Gen Schaack.

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