Summertime at Brain International.
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Rumour has it that summer is here and thoughts are turning to dream holidays and business

will take its place on the back burner. So, best put our newsletter out there now so memories of

Brain are not completely lost come September. We continue in the vein of our first new format

edition in telling you some of the adventures Brain was involved in recent months.

Yes, ‘adventures’ is the word, for in internationalisation something zany always comes up –

let’s hope this zaniness is mostly of the positive variety. Happy adventures to you this summer!

A pint of Guinness is wonderful but little did I expect that on this particular evening my visit

to Temple Bar in Bolzano, Italy would result in a scoop. ‘Just the man’ were the words

of co-owner Stephen as I stepped in, thirsty and gasping for a drop of the refreshing black stuff.

Over the first pint Stephen informed me that there was a competition at headquarters in Dublin

to award the most authentic Irish pub in the world outside of Ireland. Now, Steph and his business

partner Tanya have always got up to mischief since opening this pub back in 2007 –

initiatives supporting the community, the sporting teams, and various music scenes of the town,

and this seemed to be another example of their entrepreneurial worth.

‘I have jotted down a few pointers’ remarked Steph and we just need to knock them into shape.

So that was the task faced over the first and second Guinness. Overnight the ideas on how to

perfect the presentation flowed and the next morning was dedicated to preparing a compelling

argument in favour of this little provincial establishment. To cut a story short, Steph wheeled off

over to Dublin for the evening award ceremony and on the Friday evening at the black and white

aperitif time Tanya informed me that together with American and French contenders,

Temple was in the final 3, the final decision to be made later that evening.

‘Should by any chance you win call me at home’ was my leaving line.

You have already guessed, right? Thirty after midnight, the phone rang and I was obliged to jump

on my bike and return to what had become a world famous pub, and stay there celebrating until

the early hours of the morning. Moral of the story? Guinness makes you write better!

One task which Brain is often set is to make enquiries as to opportunities for

companies and organisations in new overseas markets. The photograph

accompanying this article shows Brain International Development Director Geoff

Barclay (centre) living it up in Peru. The mission in question was a marketing

consultancy role, representing the International Association of Accounting

Professionals in their search for new markets in Latin America. The photo was taken

at the residence of the British Ambassador in Peru during a mission arranged by UK

Trade and Investment and Santander. Small and medium size enterprises often do

not have the resource or expertise to employ a marketing team and this is where

Brain comes to the rescue, it having a more than 30 year experience in establishing

international relations and handling all initial aspects of market entry. In this

particular instance Brain’s presence resulted in the Lima office of global business

consultants group Russel Bedford being appointed as an Accredited Centre for IAAP

in Peru.

Internationalisation is not only about going places but it is also about bringing people to places, 

helping them when they arrive at their destination. Such is the case in the world of holiday

destinations, and even more so when talking about trekking and biking holidays. What has all this

got to do with Brain? Well, in today’s world of apps there is a huge amount of translation work

to be done and Brain was engaged by Sentres ( to translate in English

hundreds of pages regarding vacation possibilities. Sentres itself describes its function as follows

‘Your guide through South Tyrol. Wonderful hiking, exciting mountaineering, amazing biking trails.

Suitable accommodation, tasty food in special restaurants and cosy mountain huts.'

You can gather from this that there was a multitude of topics to write about!

Yes, an example of internationalisation with a difference – a means of attracting a

new target market to enjoy holidaying in a glorious destination with many outdoor opportunities.

'Sounds good', says Brain.
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