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Well COVID has affected us once again and we’re back to carpark consults. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding and hopefully we’ll be letting you in again soon. If you need to see our full COVID policy just check out our website.
It has gotten cold and I don’t know about your pets but mine spend 90% of their time within one metre of the fire. Winter has brought with it more arthritic patients and more senior patient issues so we’ve enjoyed using our senior promotion to get ahead of our oldies aches and pains.

Winter has also meant it is soccer and AFL season! We have enjoyed watching the clubs we sponsor, Thornleigh Thunders and Penno Demons dominate on the field and want to give a particular shout out to Penno’s Kickability program, which is for mobile kids with disabilities keen to try AFL. What a great initiative. 

Winter has also meant sponsorship of the Thornleigh West Public School’s Colour run and I am enjoying finally getting back out into the community and doing a few talks such as a presentation on Koala care to Warrawee Public School’s After School Care program as part of their broader conservation project on Koalas.

We were also extremely chuffed to receive a Pride of Workmanship Award from Hornsby Rotary after being nominated by one of our clients. What an honour to be recognised for the work we do in our community and I am very lucky to have a team that works so tirelessly for your pets.

Some of the team have taken the opportunity in the quieter months to get away. Kirstie headed North to visit her sister and Tania went even further North to Queensland to catch some rays.  Unfortunately Kristy and Prue had holiday plans thwarted due to border restrictions and lockdown but hopefully both of us will manage some time off soon.

With sadness I've also got to inform you all our wonderful vet Mel is leaving us end of July. Mel is moving on to a new challenge and a shorter commute so we can't argue with that. We will miss her so much and wish her all the best in her new role. Hopefully she'll visit us occasionally! We're currently recruiting for a new superstar vet so will keep you posted.

Keep an eye out for an email regarding our upcoming dental promotion in August & September. Stay warm and healthy all. 

Dr Prue Honson
Hospital Director
Pet Feature
Rory and Pebbles are long term clients of Thornleigh Vet.  In fact vets Prue and Philippa have been treating these two pups across multiple jobs and vet clinics.

Rory is an 11 year old male Poodle. He LOVES cuddles and is usually immediately handed to a nurse on arrival to the hospital so he can cling to them in a scarf-like manner. He is super snuggly. Pebbles is a 9 year old female Cavoodle. She’s a gorgeous girl who loves new friends.  In the last year Pebbles has had to undergo cruciate surgery on both legs and we’ve been very impressed with her superstar recovery skills.
We love visits from Pebbles and Rory and always look forward to cuddles and a catch up on the mischief they have been getting up to.
Rats & Leptospirosis - an update.
As you’ve probably all noticed in the news a rodent plague is upon us! By all accounts the mouse plague that has been causing problems in rural areas is heading towards Sydney which means your pet will likely have an increased exposure to neighbourhood rodents.

Why is this an issue?
The first reason is that there is a lot more rat bait being laid. Whilst this is an effective way of reducing rat populations, it can easily be ingested by curious or scavenging pets. If ingested, bait interrupts the rat or pet’s clotting process leading to severe bleeding. This can take a few days to have effect and may present as vomiting or defecating blood, coughing, bleeding excessively from wounds, bruising or simply a lethargic dog.  Rat bait ingestion is LIFE THREATENING. If your pet ingests bait it is best to get them to a vet as soon as possible so vomiting can be induced (if bait ingested within the last 4 hours) and treatment can be provided.  Please make sure you bring the bait product packet if possible as the type of bait effects prognosis and length of treatment.

The second reason is that rats are a source of Leptospirosis.  This is a life-threatening disease that is increasingly popping up in certain pockets of Sydney. Because of this we are now recommending the majority of dogs be vaccinated against Leptospirosis. This is an add on vaccination to our usual core C5 recommendation. Please call us if you’d like to book this in.

For more information on Leptospirosis click here.
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It’s that time of the year again where we ask for your nomination in the local business awards. We appreciate you taking the time to vote by clicking here

Product Feature
Whimzees are a dental chew that we are stocking. They come in lots of funky shapes such as hedgehogs or toothbrushes. We are finding they are lasting a lot longer than most of the dental chew brands we’ve tested out. Kristy’s Labradors took 9 minutes to finish one and Prue’s Great Dane X took 10 minutes plus to finish the toothbrush when she’s previously demolished dental sticks in about 1 minute flat.  They are also at a really affordable price.  Drop in to check out the range we stock.

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