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A months after the Festival, I am sitting at my computer to write MailChimp #22 (and, I think...the LAST one!!) e-zine publication. Thank you, everyone, who has given me information and content to inform you, the readers, about the work of the organizing committee, the program and schedule, the participants, and the Festival city, Baltimore. Readers averaged about 1,200, not including the shares that were done to other social media sites.
In this edition, I would like to express a number of special "Thank yous" and, along with you, the readers, enjoy some memories of the tremendous Festival we experienced in Baltimore. The organizing committee did what we could and tried our best to create a unique experience, celebrating our Latvian culture. We are truly grateful for so many positive comments and emotions. And, if you weren't able to join us in Baltimore, we hope that through this memory album will give you a sense that Festivals in the USA have a definite future, particularly since so many young people were involved in making this one a success.

~ Aivars Osvalds
Vašingtonā DC
Some special Thank Yous!
  1. Thank you, Marisa Gudrais and the younger generation of Washington DC  Latvians -- Inga Bebris, Imants Mohseni, Juris Mohseni, Elga Ozols, Nik Timrots -- for your initiative and belief in the local Latvian community, that we could take on the enormous responsibility and work involved to bringing the festival back to the East Coast after almost 40 years. You ensured that the Festival, which began in the USA in 1953, would still be held every five years even though after the 2012 Festival no Latvian community took on the task. Thank you for bringing into the organizing committee Iveta Grava, Aija Moeller, Jolanta Stoops and Aivars Osvalds, who together represent a lot of experience in organization and administration.
  2. Thank you to our committee chairmen Krissy Skare (music), Astrida Lizins (folk dance show), Karmena Ziedins (new choreography contest) from our neighboring East Coast cities, who developed such excellent, high quality programs, researching Festival histories and incorporating new approaches in music and dance. We thank the organizers of the smaller concerts and events: Liga Ejups, Linda Treija, Edite Gudrais, Lilita Bergs, Jolanta Stopps, Iveta Grava, Aija Moeller, Laris Kreslins, Sarma Muiznieks Liepins, Ilze Rekis Berzins and Inta Grunde. You had the vision to develop memorable exhibitions and programs. All of them were a huge success. Thank you also to the editors of the Festival guides Silvija Ozols, Aija Celms-Evans, Aija Moeller and Renate Gravera for your excellent work and to Vizma Carver for the signage throughout the Festival venues.
  3. Thank you to everyone who made the evening programs so special -- our local AKRA band, Ilgi and the Daumants Kalnins Quintet from Riga, DJ-Aiva Aivars Aprikis, the banquet chefs Maris Jansons, Eriks Dreibants, Davids Indriksons and Germain Haro and the rock band Pensionari. Aivars Osvalds' vision to make each evening program special and different provided a special atmosphere for the Festival participants and guests to be together with old friends and new acquaintances.
  4. Thank you, Richard Skulte, for agreeing to form the Washington, DC choir, so that as a community we not only were responsible for putting on the Festival, but we could participate with a choir at both the Festival Opening Ceremony Concert and the Festival Choir Concert. Our choir was one of the largest and through participation we could truly experience the song festival as such an important part of our cultural heritage.
  5. Thank you, Ambassador Andris Teikamins, and the staff of the Embassy of Latvia in the United States, who was our direct link to the government agencies in Latvia, gave us advice and helped us find financial support about which we would not have know. Thank you,Minister of Culture Dace Melbarde, for your excellent support and personal participation.
  6. Thank you to all of the sponsors, particularly the Latvian Ministry of Culture, the American Latvian Association, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Honorary Consul corps of the Embassy of Latvia in the United Sates. Thank you also to PRINTFUL, Inc., whose generous contribution gave us the opportunity to have the very popular performance stage, as an exciting addition to the Festival "square" on the 5th floor of the Renaissance.
  7. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped, not only during the Festival, but during the year and half of planning. The number of volunteers was about 280 and many participated from the moment that an idea was conceptualized until every detail was completed and we said goodbye to the last Festival visitor. A special thank you to the family members of the organizing committee for their support, as they were often the first ones that had to pitch in and help, when others weren't available and the job simply had to get done. Thank you ourss journalists, especially Vilnis Baumanis, and to others who have written about the festival.
  8. Thank you to the 1,600+ participants who answered the call to participate in the Festival and spent many hours rehearsing, finding support and funds to make the trip to Baltimore from the USA, Canada, and Europe
  9. Thank you, Baltimore -- the Visit Baltimore staff that helped in so many ways to transform the Inner Harbor into our "little Latvia's public square" with our flag flying from the highest flag pole at the entrance of the harbor. Thank you, Renaissance hotel personnel, who allowed us to make the 5th floor into the public square of the festival with its PRINTFUL stage, the market place, the exhibit spaces and the center of each evening's activities.
  10. Thank you Festival attendees for your enthusiasm, support, and participation, that has truly given the inspiration to continue the Latvian Song and Dance Festival tradition into the future.
Let the pictures tell the story.
A slideshow of pictures from a number of different galleries, including our official photographers and pictures that people have posted on Facebook. Photographers include Pēteris Alunāns, Pēteris Bičevskis, Ģirts Rība, Nikolai Murphy, Kristīna Rathode, Gundars Osvalds among others.

The galleries are available on the Memory page of the webside the pictures can be downloaded.

Music: "Balta saule/White sun" by Daumants Kalnins Quintet guitaris Marcis Auzins from the CD "Marcis Auzins VIENS / Marcis Auzins ALONE.
A new section on the website: Memories
There is a new section on the Festival website called Memories. There are links to a number of articles about the Festival as well a galleries of photos from our official photographers, which can be downloaded.

Latvians Online asked two Latvian-American song festival attendees – one a participant, the other an active community member – to share their thoughts on the Latvian Dziesmu svētki that took place in Baltimore from 29th June to 3rd July, 2017.
Baltimore: Little Latvia

The Festival is over, but we'd like to have your input in a brief survey. This will help future organizers.

The survey is on the website here.

Femme au foyer: Echoes of the song festival. Read Liene Kukainis blog in which she writes about her family's experiences at the Festival.

Part 1

Part 2

Femme au foyer

Next summer the XXVI Song and the XVI Dance festival will take place in Riga from June 30 - July 8, 2018. This is one of a number of travel sites that has information about it.
The next Song and Dance Festival in Canada will be July 4 - 7, 2019.
This is we website of the American Latvian Association focusing on Lativa 100 Centennial events.


The XIV Latvian Song and Dance Festival has ended, but it will live on in fond memories and new or renewed friendships for many participants and spectators. It's not a small feat to organize this kind of event, and it required the work of many - about 280 volunteers and helpers to be more exact, with contributions representing a wide array of involvement and skills. No matter if you helped a little or a lot, we are grateful for everyone's contribution! Thank you very much!
~Aija Moeller, Volunteer coordinator


If you are one of our volunteer helpers but did not receive a daisy pin at the festival, please complete this form.

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Šķind zemīte, rīb semīte (The jingles and quakes)
Latvian folksong; Composer Ēriks Ešenvalds
Conductor Krisīte Skare

Dod, dieviņi, kalnā kāpt (God, grant us to climb the mountain)
Latvian folksong, arrangement by Imants Mežaraups
Conductor Vizma Maksiņa
Pērkonītis ducināja (Thunder rumbled)
Latvian folksong, arrangement by Anita Kupriss
Conductor Anita Kupriss
Saule, pērkons, Daugava (Sun, Thunder, Daugava
Words by Rainis, composer Mārtiņš Brauns
Conductor Kaspars Ādamsons
The finale of the Folk Dance Show with the singing of the traditional Daugav' abas malas (The Banks of the River Daugava)

The winner: Partner dances without a set number of dancers
Children's Dance Suite
Choreographer Jānis Marcinkevičs

Dance group Oglīte un folk dance ensamble Dzirkstelīte

The overall winner:
Dancing with my sisters
Choreographer Jānis Marcinkevičs

Folk dance troupe Oglīte

The winner: Dances with a set number of dancers
Beyond the river
Choreographer Māra Simsone
The Toronto Dižais dancis troupe

And now ... on the road to Latvia's Centennial! ~ Thank you!
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