October 16, 2018
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October is when the college lifestyle really starts to hit your student. They’ve been studying like crazy for midterms, socializing at fun fall events, and thriving in sports, jobs and clubs. Meanwhile, germs are spreading like wildfire in the residence halls. Check out the articles below for advice about guiding your student through illnesses they experience away from home.

TLC will be in order, of course — you might want to send comforting items like tea, fuzzy socks and throat lozenges, along with over-the-counter meds, a thermometer and a first aid kit if they don’t have one. Or check out the pre-built care packages from Freshman Fun Box and use the discount code below for 10% off!

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After you get the “I don’t feel well” text

Even the most capable student can be knocked flat by a bad cold, or they may come down with something more serious. How do you support them from a distance — and make sure they’re getting the help they need? Read more.

When to go to the campus health center – A checklist to share with your student

What services are available at most campus health centers? How can your student tell they’re sick enough to go? How about when to see a specialist or go to the ER? Read and share our checklist.

Still emptying the nest

“As I was warned by friends whose nests had emptied earlier, my house would feel quiet once both kids were gone. And it did. But it didn’t feel empty. Somehow, all this new silence made the stuff stand out in relief. The boxes, piled high, seemed to implore me that a new phase had arrived…” Read more.

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