Great news! DKT Nigeria’s Websites and were launched on September 26th, 2016, which coincidentally was the World Contraception Day.

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Hi Friend,

Great news! DKT Nigeria’s Websites and were launched on September 26th, 2016, which coincidentally was the World Contraception Day.

Honey and banana

You may want to ask, why honey and banana?Individually, honey and banana are favourites everywhere but a combination of the two make an awesome experience. At the website, you will definitely get a phantasmagoric sexperience! I know, sexperience! A combination of sex and experience… what stands for!

In private conversations, the male and female sexual organs are popularly referred to by youths as honeypot and banana respectively. DKT’s euphemistic use of the terms honey and banana is to subtly convey a sexual message to our target audience without letting the cat out of the bag about the content of the site to the target audience.

What is our mission with honey and banana?

Our mission is to provide a friendly, youthful and trendy yet information-packed website for the millions of sexually active Nigerians that are in constant thirst of contraceptives information, benefits, and facts. We provide information that will dispel myths and misconception creatively presenting our brands of contraceptives as solutions to sexual and reproductive health challenges.

Honey and banana –a quick navigation

Honey and banana is richer in information, more user-friendly and more interactive contraceptive website in Nigeria! It targets the consumers with important sections on your body, contraceptives, FAQ, sexuality, blog and more. It is the landing page for the ongoing Be sharp campaign.

The phrase ‘Be sharp’ is common slang that resonates with the target audiences. It means to be smart, not dull. It means making the right decisions, especially concerning pregnancy prevention and contraception, to avoid unwanted surprises.

A very important USP (unique selling proposition) of the site is the ‘your body and sexuality sections’. DKT believes that when youths have a proper understanding of their body, they can make the right contraceptive decisions. The sexuality section on the website provides sex tips, position, and knowledge for the ideal sexperience.

The home page hosts sections like ‘wear the shoe that fits’, ‘know your options’, blogs and providers’ opinion. The contraceptives page provides detailed information about each contraceptive method using our brands as excellent examples for each method while the FAQ section answers question bothering on contraceptives and reproductive health.

The site features integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to foster improved communication with the visitors. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information through articles in both print and digital media, blogs and media content from the various radio programs running on air.

I think enough said, just click and Be sharp with the knowledge acquired from the site.

DKT Nigeria Corporate site

We have also developed a corporate website to promote DKT Nigeria and present our products, activities and impact to a wider audience that may include donors, healthcare providers, and consumers. We hope to project to the society we operate in who we are and what we stand for
On the site, visitors can find comprehensive and up-to-date profiles of DKT International and DKT Nigeria. Our emblem of quality, the ESAQ logo welcomes visitors to the ‘DKT Nigeria world’ while the other slides on family planning, impact, and reproductive health reassure that the site is worth navigating through.

Up-to-date information about the workings of DKT Nigeria from products to programs to news to media to healthcare professional section is available on the new site. Although all sections of the site are worth visiting, the inspiring stories about DKT bees under the program section is a must read for everyone.

Click to get a feel of who we really are.

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