The Final Stretch

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As I head toward Graduation, I want to take a time out from the Clapper status updates and share a more personal insight about my time at the Founder Institute. It has been a wild ride, one that I’m excited to see come to its conclusion. Excited, but not 100% satisfied. Coming up on graduation, I find myself engulfed in a feeling of joy, exhilaration and accomplishment, but also the same time, a feeling of emptiness.
I can easily liken my time at FI to my time on a film production. My time on set (and my time at FI) was exhausting, exciting, nerve-wracking, fun and uncomfortable and by the time a week comes to a close, you are riding high on endorphins and a sense of accomplishment unlike any other (or so I though, now I can say that FI and being on set are quite similar). On set (or at FI), my peers surround me; we don’t all have similar interests, compatible personalities, jobs or skillsets. Yet, you find a rhythm, you learn from one another, build on one another’s individual strengths and fill in for each other’s individual weaknesses. All of it pointing to a common goal, the completion of the film and getting it into theaters; or in the case of FI, graduation and the launch of your company.
Every minute, you are challenged, changed and tested. It is absolutely, a marathon, not a sprint. Like a film production, you leave the program with a hunger to do more (remember that emptiness I mentioned earlier? I never said it was a bad type of emptiness.). I’m ready to hit the ground running, I look at a career in film the same way. I finish up a project, already I’m planning how it will lead into the next one, the next leg of my journey, my professional career. I’m graduating FI, exhausted from the FI marathon, with the knowledge that my second wind is right over the next hurdle and that with that second wind, I launch myself across the starting line of a new marathon.
Also like a media production. You start the next marathon having grown and changed (hopefully for the better) ready to move on to the next leg of the journey, with no desire to go back and repeat the last leg, despite fond memories. Much of the FI curriculum, I’ve done before. Time and time again, as a media producer. The skills they teach, the mindset they nurture, all of it knowledge required to be a good producer.
Early on in the program I started to see all the parallels between my time as a Producer and what FI was training you to be, a Founder, a CEO, an Entrepreneur. The key thing that FI gave me that I took away from the program was the methodology. I knew the curriculum, but they help you implement it in an intuitive way, so it builds on itself. FI does not teach you how to use tools, some of which you may already have, they do something far more important; The Founder Institute teaches you how to best use those tools. I had a hammer, I knew how to hammer down a nail, FI taught me a way to do that, faster, more efficiently and without worrying about hitting my thumb.
Going forward, I will be using the techniques FI taught me to finish the development and launch of Clapper. It is my goal to see that I not only launch a good product, but also that I deploy it in a way that it will have a real impact on the entertainment industry. Things are going to move even faster now, so be ready for more of these updates.

David Florin

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