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Hello ladies,

We all have a story (or twenty) for what we experienced last year as life changed radically and we had to adjust.   In the midst of the shut-downs, the inability to find certain items in stores, adjusting to wearing a mask, not hugging others and realizing how masks make my eye wrinkles REALLY pronounced, I also had a year where life was clarified greatly.  While many things changed, most of the important things didn’t, and God revealed more of Himself to me in a few ways.  
The presence of God became sweet and something I was continually amazed by.  The fact that He is in us, loves us and remains in the midst of all the shifting of life astounded me.  He didn’t leave because of the pandemic.  He did not find a more “open” state and jump on a plane.  He didn’t walk away from His people because they became ill. In fact, He remained true His promise, never to leave or forsake us.  Jesus showed us that He was God WITH us all through the Gospels. He touched and tangibly loved the ones who were cast out by society.  He didn’t just heal from afar, He personally touched the sick, personally went to homes to heal, and was touched Himself by the ill, prostitutes, and drunkards. He was present then and through His Holy Spirit, He remains present now.  This truth has become sweeter still as we have been at this way of life for 10 months.  
The second truth of God that has become more meaningful is His almighty and everlasting power.   The events of this last year caused me to cling to verses that remind me that God isn’t marred by the worst possible events we endure.  He is unchanged by these events, and remains steadfast in His character that is FOR His children. A few verses that I meditated on. 
The LORD sat enthroned at the flood, the LORD sits as KING forever.  Psalm 29:10
….for he (Abraham) waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.  Hebrews 11:10
As 2021 unfolds and either brings the hope so many long for or fails them, one thing has not changed-our God is still seated on the throne, ruling and reigning as He has always done.  He is aware and absolutely in control despite what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. What His Word declares is true and will prove to be true no matter what. World-changing events have a way of clarifying life and bringing us back to its nature and essence-knowing God and making Him known.  
So, as we move forward with Women’s Ministry for 2021, we realize that there are some events that we are unable to do.  However, the backbone of this ministry - our Bible studies - will continue.  Being in the Word with others is soul-nourishing and life giving and lifts our eyes to the truths of God that we NEED to be reminded of as we traverse life and all that it throws at us.  Having the lens of Scripture has become increasingly important as the darkness of the world continues to spread.
The Winter study starts soon.  We have a virtual option available with two different meeting times.  For the virtual registration click here. If you are interested in getting a copy of the study and maybe going through it with a friend or family member, this is the option to register for.  Yes, we need you to register so that we have enough studies printed.  Also, in the event that there's an edit or two, we would like to communicate that to you.

For our in-person studies that meet on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 and Thursday mornings from 10-12, the registration is here.  These registrations give all the necessary information-start dates, masks, social distancing, when the studies will be available, etc. so please read carefully!
We are working on a date for another Creative Connections night and will communicate that once we have it all worked out. 
Thank you for praying for us and the leadership of The City Gates Church.  We are grateful for your prayers and encouragement as we all learn to lead and love in new ways.   

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