Is your home’s siding giving you a barrier against the elements?
Alex on Siding Moisture (1:05)

Kansas weather can play havoc with siding. Extreme heat can cause some siding products to bubble or blister and pull away. Hail and debris from strong winds can chip, dent and crack siding. Moisture can cause wood siding to rot or weaken, and make it unsightly. Learn more at or from our Facebook page, or call us for a free assessment if you’re concerned you have problems.

Are there specific things I should look for?

Termites create little, bitty holes and they usually start on the ground level. Natural damage can come from your sprinkler system hitting the house, guttering that has started to spill over, downspouts that are clogged or leaking. Water can damage and rot siding wherever it sits for too long or spills down or finds a way through.

Watch for foundation issues. If you have a grade that runs back toward your house and allows water into the foundation level, that’s a problem. Any shelf on your house that isn’t sealed will eventually start to let water through. Ledges that allow water to sit in them need to be sealed.

Gaps in siding you can see through are a problem. Noticeable gaps in sealant are a problem.

How do I know if I should repaint, repair or replace my siding?

The good news is that siding issues are pretty obvious, so you know when it’s time to get serious. If you see what you believe is termite damage, we recommend you call a pest professional first to confirm and treat. If you have cracks smaller than hairline your siding can probably be repainted. If you’re seeing the same patterns of wear on all sides of your home, it may be time to replace. If your siding is starting to bubble or blister or appears chipped, dented, cracked or rotted you should ask a professional for an expert assessment.

Isn’t replacement expensive?

Many new siding products can increase your home’s energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling costs. They also make ongoing exterior maintenance a breeze. If you want to see first-hand, drop by our showrooms in Wichita or Topeka to check out different materials.

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with the insurance process. If your siding was damaged in a storm and your coverage allows for replacement, we can help with your insurance claim from start to finish. We also offer financing.

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