Are your windows or doors robbing your monthly budget?
Alex on Windows & Doors Basics (1:03)

In Kansas we get scorching heat and blistering cold. Windows and doors are your first line of defense against extreme temperatures. The more efficient they are, the more impact they have on your energy bills. Learn more at or from our Facebook page, or call us for a free assessment if you’re concerned you have problems.

How will I know it’s time to replace them?

Look for trim that has started to separate in joints, sealant that has started to come loose or separate, screens that have started to show wear and windows that are broken. Realize that any hole you find around a window is probably starting to take in water.

Windows and doors are a great way to show your personal style while also being practical.

Older windows and doors require more maintenance. Many new products offer unique protection and low-maintenance cladding that does not need to be repainted or restained. For many homeowners, curb appeal is a tipping point. We represent nearly a dozen window/door manufacturers to give owners many style options.

Drafts on a windy day or energy bills that have started to go up may be signs that your windows and doors aren’t doing their job effectively.

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