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Left to right: Kelly Ramot, TTS Executive Director; Amir Shaviv, TTS Board Member; Alice Netter; Judith Cohen, Chief Acquisitions Curator, USHMM; Laurie Netter Sprayregen, TTS President

In commemoration of 2016 Holocaust Remembrance Day, we made a pilgrimage to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC, where Alice Netter (above center), wife of TTS co-founder Richard Netter, donated a nameplate from one of the fishing boats used in the Danish rescue of the Jews in 1943. In 1968, the US Embassy in Denmark gave this nameplate to Richard Netter in appreciation of his work through Thanks To Scandinavia. This rare artifact is a testament to the courageous Danes who ferried 7,200 of their Jewish neighbors – including thousands of children - to safety in neutral Sweden.

The US Holocaust Museum does, indeed, have one of these fishing boats in its collection, but it does not have a nameplate.  During our visit we learned that the museum was actually constructed around the boat due to its large size. To learn more about Danish rescue boats, you can watch this video.

This issue of TTS Insider features the essay, “A Danish Boy in Theresienstadt,” by Steen Metz, who was among the 472 Danish Jews who did not escape by boat and was taken to the Theresienstadt camp. He was ultimately rescued from the camp by the famous Swedish “White Buses.” Mr. Metz applauds his countryman Victor Borge, and Richard Netter, for founding Thanks To Scandinavia. “Just thinking about Victor Borge makes me smile,” he says.

It makes us smile too, as we pay forward the historic debt owed to many heroes like the Danish fishermen, who did the right thing in the face of evil. Your donations help us make the world a better place by awarding scholarships to Scandinavian and Bulgarian graduate students seeking an international education. We thank you for your support!

Laurie Netter Sprayregen
Kelly Ramot 
Executive Director
Read "A Danish Boy in Theresienstadt" by Steen Metz - You can learn more about Steen Metz on his website
Kalle Mattila 
Class of 2015-16 

Kalle is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia University with a TTS scholarship. At age 13, his first travel story appeared in Finland’s newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat.
You are a second-generation TTS scholar?
My mother studied Museum Education at George Washington University as a TTS scholar. She is now the director of the Helsinki Art Museum. 

As a writer, what topics do you prefer to explore?
I am interested in political commentary and reportage, personal essays, travel writing, and literary criticism.

Have your travels affected your outlook?
I attended United World College in Bosnia with students from 59 countries. Multiculturalism makes us think more creatively about everything. I am now writing a book about the American Dream from the perspective of a Finn.

Has awareness of the Nordic experience during World War II affected your outlook?
The stories have inspired my work to have societal impact and promote human rights.

Read the full interview with Kalle on our website
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