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I awoke from the black dreamless diphenhydramine sleep of the innocent to find that amidst my slumber my chambers had been transformed, by what faerie magick I know not, into a sun dappled glen humming softly with the tiny busy goings on of bees and beetles and butterflies. I was comforted to note how my new arthropodic roomies were apparently unaware, or at least unmoved, by our sudden colocation. Electing to trust their judgement and acquiesce to this peculiar awakening, I rose and began to search for a place to perform my toilet. Just beyond a nearby thicket ran a stream of clear fresh water. As I bent to wash my face I noticed a glinting in the sandy bed beneath. Leaning in to observe the glimmer more closely, my footing became unsound and my balance failed me. My whole body plunged into the water, which was much deeper than it appeared or what one might imagine of a such a stream in such country. From then there was no returning to my bed or my accustomed chambers. I would have to endure all the wonders and horrors I encountered henceforth dispassionately, or there would be no hope of ever recovering the mode of living I had heretofore known.

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Fri 3 Aug

Halogens (NJ), Donnie Alexzander, Lighthouse, Sentiments
Crying face emoji, or but like 'EMO'ji, dig? 
Crunch House, West Haven
7pm $7-10

Anbessa Orchestra (NY)
Ethiopian jazz funk, but from NY? Shaki's into it (and spinning platters), and that's not nothing.
The Grove, 760 Chapel Street, New Haven
8pm $10

Old Self, Brzowski (ME), Zak G, Sketch Tha Cataclysm
Rappinin' is what's happenin'.
Cafe Nine, 250 State St, New Haven
8pm $10

Sat 4 Aug

Yureka Cash (PA), Hedonist
Damn I missed these JPK show descriptions: Yureka is 'a memorable colliding of filth, grime, playful innocence' and Hedonist is 'a gliding crescendo of tecno, dark electronics, and even goth that is reflected in the visual components equally vital to the sounds'. Blessed to have the Elm City Bad Boy back on the grind. Not to be missed.
Crunch House
8pm $5-10

An Evening of Music by Alex Chilton / Big Star 
I'm in love. What's that song? I'm in love with that song.
Cafe Nine
9pm $8

Sun 5 Aug

Alash (Tuva [which seems to be mostly in Russia at the mo?])
Masters of xöömei, which you uncultured types probably know better as Tuvan throat singing. Their promo copy delightfully mentions, 'They appear as guest artists on Béla Fleck & the Flecktones' holiday CD Jingle All the Way (2008), which won a Grammy.'
Cafe Nine
3pm $25

Powers/Rolin Duo (OH), Zach Rowden, Serrambana/Hanahan Duo
Cosmic folky psychedelic free improvisations. PSA: the Zach Attach is Bach.
Neverending Books, 810 State St, New Haven
6:30pm $5-10?

Hotline TNT (MN), Landowner (MA), Side Piece, Fever Dreams
Crunch House
7:30pm $?

Mon 6 Aug

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts (NY), Lys Guillorn & Her Band, The Outer Side
This one might be fun despite Jeff et al. describing themselves as 'comic book punk'. Lys is reliably a treat.
Cafe Nine
7pm $5 
(Or free if you RSVP @, which  feels like a data mining scam to me -- why do all these Marks want my data??)

Tue 7 Aug

Molly Drag (QC), Past Life (PA), Waveform, Skating
'Dan, Dan and Dan are going or interested', this is the show for you if you're looking to hang with some Dans. I've had pretty good luck with Dans in my day. I'm a Dan Fan. Shouts out to all my Dans out there! Dan!
Crunch House
7pm $5-10

Wed 8 Aug

Foxtails, Sad. (NY/PA), LizRd Women (NY), Two Headed Girl
Someday I'll look up 'skramz' but today is not that day. Don't @ me.
MAC 650, 650 Main St, Middletown
7pm $5-10

Mandala, Bonzo (MI), Monster Bad (NY), Bye Forever (NY)
Indie rock house show you know what up.
Dennis, Bloomfield
7pm $5-10
Some DIY spaces choose to not publicize their address. When an address is not listed, this is usually the case. If a contact is listed, hit 'em up! Else, look for the Facebook event and message an organizer, or ask us :-)

We don't know about every show! If you want to see your future thing in a future letter, hit us up and we'll probably include it.

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