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Kotlin Weekly Newsletter #165

Hello from Berlin 🇩🇪Kotliners! We are running the marathon this weekend. During this time we cannot reads (although podcasts are always a thing). If you don't happen to be running, we hope the upcoming selection of links can be beneficial to you.

This newsletter is sponsored by Pusher. If you want to learn about how to build products with Realtime features, this is the link you want to check. Now grab your coffee or tea, and start learning more Kotlin.

Avoid repetitive dependency declarations with Gradle Kotlin DSL (
Gradle recently introduced a KotlinDSL to replace the ever-so-popular Groovy DSL. How can this make our lives easier? Take a look on this article.

The nosey programmer’s guide to Kotlin and Dart (
Kotlin and Dart are the new kids of the block that have actually been around for years. This article compares them and iterates on the features that both language offers.

Wrap Callbacks as Coroutines (Kotlin/Android) (
Kotlin coroutines provide a concise & elegant syntax for running concurrent & async tasks. Unlike callbacks, suspend funs can be wrapped & chained.Charles Allen elaborated on this topic and put an article together.

Kotlin Standard functions or Scoping functions: (let, apply, run, also, with) (
This article dives into how to use the 5 scope functions in Kotlin. Many of us have already used these functions. So what we need to learn about them.

Android's billion-dollar mistake(s) (
Have you heard from the billion dollar quote? If you are developing with old Android paradigms this is a very recurrent issue. Check in this article what is this, and how Kotlin can come to the rescue.

How to apply gradations and tint easily on Android  (
There is an easy way to apply gradation and tint on Android. Sometimes we have to implement gradation to layout’s background or foreground, but it is a hassle Jaewoong Eum created a library in Kotlin to deal with thi-

Building a calendar DSL in Kotlin (
Patxi Bocos wrote a calendar DSL in Kotlin, and if you are wondering where to use it he also wrote an article explaining some use cases.

Kotlin Multiplatform sample app (
We all know that the best way to learn something is to have access to a practical application. If you are trying to learn Kotlin Multiplatform, you will be doing well if you are checking this repository.


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