ISSUE #228

13th of December 2020

Hello dear folks. We only have three more Sundays to go in this 2020 to forget. But if a pandemic gives us lemons we shall make lemonade. Enjoy our selected articles for this week.


Kotlin Plugin Released With IDEA 2020.3
The new Kotlin Plugin has been released with the latest IDEA version Check all the list of changes in this release here.

Deep Learning With Kotlin: Introducing KotlinDL-alpha
JetBrains is sharing the first preview of KotlinDL, a high-level Deep Learning framework written in Kotlin and inspired by Keras. It offers simple APIs for building, training, and deploying deep learning models in a JVM environment

Revamped Kotlin Documentation – Give It a Try
The Kotlin documentation is being revamped at the moment, making it clearer, easier to navigate and more interactive.


Converting Firebase API Callbacks to Kotlin Flows
Marmalade maker and GDE Nick Skelton writes in this article about how you can use Kotlin Flows to replace Firebase API callbacks.

Using Retrofit and Alamofire with Kotlin Serialization on Kotlin Multiplatform
This article explores how to implement a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile application that performs a network call on the native side with Retrofit (on Android) and Alamofire (on iOs), but with DTOs defined on KMP side as well as the information about deserialization

Hold on! Before you Dagger or Hilt! try this Simple DI
In this article, Chetan Garg explains a simpler way to Perform DI using Kotlin, this method you can use for.

Apollo Android GraphQL Flow Bindings
Mohit Sarveiya explores how the Apollo-Android library gives you the ability to use Flows when making queries.

Repeating suspended effects in Kotlin
Jorge Castillo wrote an article diving further into suspended effects in Kotlin.

Swift’s Guard Statement for Kotlin
The guard statement is a really nice tool Swift developers have that we are missing in Kotlin. But can we replicate it? Danny Preussler tries to answer this question


Running Kotlin on Google Cloud
In this seminar from James Ward you will learn the basics of Kotlin, how to use it with your existing Java codebase, and how to take advantage of modern features like Coroutines which provide an easier and more efficient concurrency model.

Kotlin Christmas Stocking
The Kotlin Belfast User Group has put together a video for Christmas collecting information and tips about Kotlin from different folks in our world.

Refactoring to extension functions in Kotlin
Dmitry Kandalov keeps adding to his series of videos. This time, he keeps his refactoring journey converting some Java functions to Kotlin extension functions.



Senior Software Engineer at Squarespace
Squarespace is seeking a Senior Software Engineer - Android to join our small, collaborative team responsible for the end-to-end development of our Android applications and the long-term vision of Squarespace on mobile devices.


Gradle Doctor with Nelson Osacky
Nicola Corti has started a new podcast, The Bakery. In the first chapter he speaks with Nelson Osacky, from Gradle, about Gradle Doctor.


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