ISSUE #289

13th of February 2022


Kotlin News: 1.6.20 Preview, Multiplatform Web Wizard, and More
Check out this Monthly Digest for January to get a glimpse of everything the JetBrains team has been working on.


Introduction to Kotlin MultiPlatform Mobile. Part I
This is a series of articles about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. The first part offers an introduction, a proposal on the setup as well as an initial sample.

Serverless on AWS Lambda With Kotlin + Micronaut + Graal VM
This article takes a quick look at Caribou — the SaaS developer tool that helps with technical debt metrics.

Kotlin groupBy() and partition() Explained
In this article, Piotr explains groupBy() and partition().He checks how do these two can be applied in our code and what use cases do they help with.

Collecting values on flow: fold and scan
This article explains how we can use fold and scan to collect values from a Flow.

Beware of the order of operands in some Kotlin Collection operations
The order of operands in certain Kotlin collection operations can change the result. Arkadiusz Chmura wrote an article about it.

How to handle database migrations with Liquibase on Ktor
Marco Gomiero wrote an article about how to use Liquibase to handle database migrations on Ktor.


5 Tips for Better Android Apps
Eliminate the guesswork in how you identify, prioritize, and solve issues in your mobile app. Join this webinar to learn several best practices that successful mobile companies use to accelerate feature releases and deliver incredible user experiences.


Using Jetpack Compose with Square’s Molecule Library
In this article, Mohit Sarveiya shares with us how to use patterns introduced by Square’s Molecule library.


Brand New Kotlin Multiplatform Podcast: ATOM
In this first episode of ATOM, Kate and Justin sit with Dmitry Savvinov, Team Lead in Kotlin Multiplatform at JetBrains, and Kevin Galligan, Technology Partner at Touchlab, and chat about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile on its path from Alpha to Beta.


Flowbius provides interoperability extensions for using Kotlin Flows with Mobius. They allow conversion from Flows to Mobius types and vice versa, as well as utilities to set up Mobius loops using Flows.

Kreds is a thread-safe, non-blocking, coroutine-based Redis client for Kotlin.

LittleKt is a multiplatform 2D game framework written in Kotlin.


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