ISSUE #240

7th of March 2021

Hi folks. We just thought that we would like to recommend you Kurzgesagt in YouTube on a non-sponsored way, we have been lately checking a lot of their videos. And when you have enough of them, come back to this email to learn what is going on in the Kotlin universe.


Kotlin 1.5.0-M1
Kotlin 1.5.0-M1 artifact has been already uploaded to GitHub. Check out all the goodies included in this link.


Building Microservices With Helidon and Kotlin
In this new webinar from JetBrains, you will learn about Kotlin features that make developing Helidon applications a breeze, and how to use the Reactive API to boost the performance of your apps.

Companion Objects: Kotlin’s most unassuming power feature
Read in this article by David Denton why companion objects are not just placeholders for constants and other static states; they allow for new strategies to help organize our code or to provide reusable factory and validation features

Why are Java server-side developers not adopting Kotlin?
Ivan Sanchez writes his opinion on why Kotlin is not being adopted on the Backend side yet, despite all its advantages.

From Java to Kotlin and back (II): Calling Kotlin from Java
Second article on the series of Kotlin and Java interoperability by Enrique López-Mañas

Sealed interfaces in Kotlin
Jorge Castillo has written about the sealed interfaces coming up in Kotlin 1.5.


Bring Android to life on Peloton’s Bike, Tread, Mobile, and TV Apps app
At Peloton, Android and Kotlin drive the ever-evolving software that brings our members an interactive at-home workout experience, and we are looking for talented engineers to join our team. Here’s where you come in! Peloton’s team is growing and looking for Kotlin and Android engineers to join the team. The Android team is responsible for scaling our leaderboard to millions of users, creating new tools for our instructors to connect to members during live classes, working with Exoplayer to continuously improve our video streaming, and much more.


Compose O’Clock
Marton Braun has implemented a clock with Compose, and shared the process with us in this article.

IntoSet: Dagger Multibindings and Architecture
Adam Bennett explores IntoSet from Dagger in this article.

Getting ready for Declarative UIs — Part 2 — Implementing Unidirectional Data Flow
Second article by Raul Hernandez on Declarative UIs in Android.

5G Connectivity
In this article about Android connectivity, Mark Allison explains some techniques for combining flows, and using them in constructor injection to improve testability.


FOSDEM 202 videos have been collected, and you can check them out in this link.

Kotlin lazy delegate - explanation and example
Rahul Pandey speaks in this video about lazy, an inbuilt Kotlin function that allows us to construct the object when it's actually used, and subsequent calls return the remembered result.


Catching Up With Roman Elizarov
In this episode of Talking Kotlin Roman Elizarov, the new Kotlin Project Lead, speaks about the Kotlin team, their areas of focus, and their plans for the future.


Mavericks, Meet Jetpack Compose
The first alpha version of mavericks-compose has been released. Mavericks Compose builds off of the recently-released Mavericks 2.0 release with full support for the Jetpack Compose beta.


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