ISSUE #275

7th of November 2021


Announcing Kotlin support for protocol buffers
Google has very recently announced that there will be Kotlin support for protocol buffers. Check out this article to know more about this announcement.


Multiplatform Compose and Gradle module metadata abuse
Jake Wharton wrote an article about a problem they experienced at Square adding Compose UI to an app that was already using a multiplatform Compose-based library, and how Gradle module metadata allowed to solve it.

Channel in Kotlin Coroutines
The Channel API was added as an inter-coroutine communication primitive. In this article you can learn more about it and how it works.

Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI
Mohit Sarveiya brings us this time a detailed comparison between Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.

Consider using inline value classes
Not only functions can be inlined, but also objects holding a single value can be replaced with this value. This article from the book Effective Kotlin explains the advantages of this approach.

Bridging the gap between Swift 5.5 concurrency and Kotlin Coroutines with KMP-NativeCoroutines
There is a gap between concurrency in Swift and Kotlin Coroutines. John O'Reilly wrote a new article, explaining how this gap can be bridged using KMP-NativeCoroutines


Keep your mobile applications performant (and your users happy)
Slow applications frustrate users, which leads to bad reviews, or customers swiping left to the competition. We wrote about the 4 metrics every mobile developer should care about. Learn more. (New users get 1 month free using code KOTLINWEEKLY).


Modeling Android Screens as State
Gabriel Peal came across recently with how folks model screens as state in Android. He wrote an article with his thoughts on the topic.

#AskAndroid: A Summary of the questions asked and answered at Android Dev Summit 2021
Very nice compilation of the questions and answers that happened during the Android Dev Summit (including a bunch of Kotlin content).


kvision 5.5.0 out!
kvision, the OO web framework for Kotlin/JS, has released a new version.

Elasticmagic for Kotlin
elasticmagic-kt is an experimental library for building search queries to Elasticsearch.

Esito is a library with the ambition to become your return type for suspending functions.

Contacts Android
Android Contacts API Library written in Kotlin with Java interoperability. No more ContentProviders and cursors.


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