ISSUE #231

3rd of January 2021

Happy New Year Kotliners. We hope 2021 will be better than 2020 - stakes are high. Remember to wear a mask and keep social distance, there is a fucking pandemic going on. Take care, and enjoy our selection of articles.


Jetpack Compose for Desktop: Milestone 2 Released
Compose for Desktop Milestone 2 has just been released. Check all the goodies included in it.

Kotlin 1.4.30-M1
Kotlin 1.4.30-M1 has arrived, with configuration cache support in the Gradle plugin and a few more goodies.


Coroutines Job Structures
This article from Mohit Sarveiya explores examples of creating Job hierarchies with coroutines, their effect on cancellation, and Supervisor Jobs.

Higher order functions, how, why and what not to do.
In this article, the author dives into the High Order Functions for Kotlin, and how we should operate with them.

Cooking Tasty code in Kotlin — Part 2
Shreyas Patil keeps sharing with us his Kotlin recipes.

Cracking The Morse Code
In this article, check out how you could create a Morse Code Reader to read a message sent originally in Morse.

The future of cross-platform development: Kotlin multiplatform
Uli Luckas shares the problem of previous multiplatform approaches, and how Kotlin enables a substantially different cross-platform development.


Introduction to Dependency Injection & its popular Android Frameworks
This article explores some of the most popular DI frameworks for Android.

A Jetpack Compose by any other name
Jake Wharton does not like the fact that Compose is being called Compose. He explains his reasoning in this article.


Test driving CSV parser in Kotlin
In this pair programming session Duncan and Dmitry test drive a CSV parser from scratch.

TechUrTime - Kotlin Flow API
Playlist from TechUrTime with their videos studying and showcasing the Kotlin Flow API.


Coil with Colin White
In the next episode of The Developers' Bakery, Nicola Corti speaks with Colin White about Coil and some of the internals and the Kotlin features used to make the library shine.

Compose for Desktop
Hadi Hariri sits down to talk to Nikolay Igotti, who is leading the efforts of Compose for Desktop at JetBrains.


Kloudfront Blog Stats
A lambda function and CLI tool for processing AWS Cloudfront access logs in Kotlin and dumping the useful data into Postgres.

Cabret is an Kotlin Library that enables Annotation-triggered method call logging for Kotlin Multiplatform.


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