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Kotlin Newsletter #21

Hello Kotliners. We want to wish you Merry Christmas and a nice end of 2016 and start of 2017. This year we started our adventure with this Mailing List, and 21 weeks after we have more than 2.000 subscribers and a very high activity. We could not be more proud of. Our best wishes for the upcoming days, and see you again next year.

Implementing Android App Shortcuts (
App Shortcuts allow the user to access primary actions in your app straight from the launcher, taking the user deep into your application, by long pressing on your app icon. This feature was released with Android 7.1, and today Andrew Orobator show you how to use it with a sample application he developed in Kotlin

Living (Android) without Kotlin (
Living without Kotlin is like playing Warcraft III on the touchpad. Buying a mouse is simple but what can you do if your new employer does not want to let you use Kotlin in production? Most of us Kotliners have been in this situation. Today, Piotr Ślesarew told us how are his strategies.

Concurrency Primitives in Kotlin (
Concurrency is a great topic, and many Android developers are surprised when they start developing for Kotlin due to the lack of some keywords such as synchronized, volatile and many other features. Want to learn how the concurrency primitives work in Kotlin? Then you need to read this article.

A simple android Twitter client written in Kotlin (
We all know that reading code is one of the best steps toward mastering a skill. Why not starting reading how to create a simple Android Twitter client?

Kotlin in Practice with Spring Boot and Vaadin (
Coding with Kotlin is great fun. But things are getting really interesting when we try to use Kotlin in conjunction with popular frameworks like Spring Boot and Vaadin. Here Philipp Hauer dives into the topic and writes some code for us.

Write a lightweight, cross-platform HTML5 desktop app with Kotlin (
All mobile developers are always very curious about multiplatform solutions. Might they ever be the future? In this article, Lorenzo Angelini explores how to create a HTML5 desktop application using Kotlin. 

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