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Kotlin Newsletter #78

Hello Kotliners, and good morning from Paris! We are sending a nice set of articles this week. Hope you enjoy them and make your life more beautiful next week.

Learning Kotlin – Sequences the new Iterables (
In this episode of Fragmented, we go back to learning some Kotlin and look at the Iterable like data structure introduced called “Sequences”. What is a sequence? How is it different from Iterable? When should I use it?

[SPONSORED] The 2018 State of Kotlin survey (
Pusher has published a survey to determine the state of Kotlin in the community. They are offering a pretty cool reward to one lucky winner - a trip to KotlinConf in Amsterdam in October. Check this out while you still can!

Arrow Functional Library (
This week, Hadi Hariri talked with Mario, Raul and Paco, authors of Funktionale and Kategory respectively about functional programming in Kotlin, along with a new surprise project they have in store!

Exploring Sequential and Selective Attention in Swarm Intelligence Simulations with Kotlin — Part 1: Experimental Setup (
Victor Colton has written a very unusual article: Swarn Intelligence simulation in Kotlin. An absolute recommendation for our readers.

Why Should I Learn Android? (
What are the reasons why you should choose to learn Android development with Kotlin? Dive into more arguments in this article.

How to generate XML with Kotlin Extension functions and Lambdas in Android app (
An article explaining how to generate XML code using Kotlin Extension functions and Lambdas.

[LIBRARY] VideoChatGuru (
VideoChatGuru is an open-source solution written entirely in Kotlin, based on a WebRTC implementation, to have video chats. A beautiful example of open source code worth to be checked.

Safe, concise text parsing with regex destructuring in Kotlin (
How to parse large amounts of text from a large set of badly formatted .csv files? Learn about Destructuring and how to apply it in Kotlin. 

Mocking is not rocket science: MockK features (
Article talking about some of the features of MockK: captured arguments, relaxed mocks, spies and annotations


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