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Kotlin Newsletter #14

Good morning Kotliners! South Germany is waking up today with snow, what about your area? Anyway, Sundays are always good to level up your game on a technology, so here you have your dose of Kotlin for the week.

How Kotlin became our primary language for Android (
Introducing Kotlin in an existing code base has been a journey for all of us. The team of UPTech did write an article with many insights into how did they experience this journey. A must read.

Quick dive in Kotlin extension (
Piotr Ślesarew did write again a new Kotlin article about extensions. Kotlin introduces extension functions and extension properties to solve some common scenarios, and you can learn more about them inside this article.

Kotlin cheat sheet (
Arnaud Giuliani had a talk last week at Tolouse, and he created a Cheat Sheet. We love Cheat Sheets! If you print them and hang them in front of your workplace for a week you will get many benefits of observing it for a few minutes every day.

A Simple Twitter Client wrote in Kotlin (
"Observe and repeat" is a mantra you must apply when you want to learn something new, call it a language or whatever new skill. Yasuhiro Shimzu did write a simple Twitter client entirely in Kotlin. This is a great job, we encourage you to download it and check it out.

Composing functions in Kotlin with extensions and operator (
Do you know the Pareto principle? It states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In the Android world 80% of the output seems to be coming for a few companies, being Novoda one of them. Now we are very happy that we are starting to write about Kotlin, that is great news for us Kotliners.

Droidcon NYC 2016 - Kotlin in Production (
Christine Lee talked at the Droidcon NYC 2016 about how to introduce Kotlin in a productive code base, and the video is finally uploaded. A very good half an hour to spend on a Sunday,

Senior Mobile Engineer @ 90 Seconds (
More and more job offers are now available for Kotlin native speakers. 90seconds is now one of them. If you are looking for a Kotlin-friendly company, do not hesitate to contact them.

Why I abandoned Java in favour of Kotlin (
One more story on why Kotlin makes your life easier. Java has its own time, but now Kotlin is coming to bring the gap between Java and the modern times.

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